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Descent Into Heresy
May 14, 2015 - 3:46 PM - by golden_boy

Descent Into Heresy


Heresy! Two-and-a-half-D? That's not my Quake, buddy. Sprites? Meh. Grenade la... oh.

If something feels familiar here, it's probably the good old Quake weapons!
osjclatchford created a Heretic mod that should feel very good indeed to Slipgaters.

If you could warm to the idea of blasting your way through hordes of spritey '90s baddies
wielding akimbo Super Quake Shotguns under a Quake-coloured sky, look no further.

Dr. Latchford administers the goods in this thread and on the ZDoom forum.
Find additional screenshots there.

You can buy the Heretic & Hexen Collection on Steam for a very fair price.

4 Replies | 182 Views
Hellbeast again
May 12, 2015 - 7:25 PM - by golden_boy

Ludum Dare Success

Shpuld's "Treasure of the Hellbeast" placed 38th (of about 1400) in the "Fun" category
and 101st overall in Ludum Dare #32. (link) "Hellbeast" got a 69% coolness rating as well.

This delivers ample proof that an updated Quake engine is able to
support small indie games.

According to Shpuld, the game (which uses the FTE engine) was completed
within a 48 hour limit "minus 10-11 hours of eating, sleeping etc."
Shpuld started getting into QuakeC around 2010 and has previously released several
mods or standalone games, including Ludum Dare #31 entry "Mobster Massacre"
(youtube link) and PSP game "No Bugs Allowed".

Inside3D release thread

Shpuld's Youtube channel


8 Replies | 206 Views
May 5 2015 news
May 05, 2015 - 1:09 PM - by golden_boy

Qonquer Map Jam

The crew at func_msgboard finished a map pack for the Qonquer mod.
If you're not familiar, it is a mod that pits the player against waves of monsters
in an arena. I have played it and it is heaps of fun. Eight maps!

Download link

Retro Map Jam 3: Vertical Runic

Another func_msgboard map pack of two metal themed maps.

Download link


The SuperHot developers went and did a Quake mod on the same theme:
Time moves only when you do.
Check it out here!

Treasure of the Hellbeast

Shpuld participated in Ludum Dare 32 with another FTE based game, Treasure of the Hellbeast.
Check it out here. Also see his Twitch stream here.

Arcane Dimensions

Sock is working on a new mod. Check it out at moddb. discussion thread

Quake 2 weapon remodels

Yeah, yeah, I know, it has a "2" in the title. Ow!
Still, it just looks SO GOOD. Good job CTPEJIOK22. discussion thread

Pain Skins

Seven is back with a little pain skin mod for darkplaces.
It adds pain skins in two steps and covers all monsters except the zombie discussion thread and download

Health Packs remodelled

My-Key shared some tasty remodelled health packs for darkplaces. discussion thread and download

Tyrutils update

ericw is continuing the overhaul of the Quake map compilers.
One new feature is surface lights (shown above, screenshot posted by func_ member WarrenM.)
Another is that so-called "fence textures" now cast shadows - imagine a grate over lava creating
spooky shadows, almost like something from Doom 3. These are absolutely bonkers new features
and (together with the ambient occlusion and the crazy new sunlight features)
Quake mapping will probably be changed forever.

func_msgboard thread

Recent malware issue

There was some malicious code planted on the site a while back, but the problem has been solved.
If your browser displays as a problematic site still, rest assured it is no longer a problem.

Personal issue

I've had a shoulder injury which prevented me from doing much of anything.
I'm sorry you had to live with a delay in your news.
Have fun with all the awesome new stuff!

Quake lives...

2 Replies | 164 Views
Community Q&A With John Romero
Apr 20, 2015 - 11:15 AM - by Phenom

John Romero game designer and one of the original co-founders of Quake has once again sat down with the community to answer some of the questions on our minds.

Join this discussion!

View John Romero's Wiki page @ Wikipedia
8 Replies | 1,705 Views
AGR Movie Pt.2
Feb 21, 2015 - 2:48 PM - by Mindf!3ldzX
Rock2ober 2014: PART 2' is finally HERE!! After two months of technical issues, the Epic sequel has arrived: BIGGER, and BOLDER than Part 1, with improved visuals, a new camera tracking system, and an angry, humiliated Blue seeking redemption! Can you handle 78 minutes of brutal, non-stop AGR TF insanity? If so, let Johnny 'JJ' Johnson and Professor Reginald Watts be your hosts, as you enter the bizarre and disturbing world of Attackers Go Red. Essential viewing for all Quake TF fans!!

2 Replies | 427 Views
Feb 20, 2015 - 10:20 AM - by golden_boy

Reminder: A strong password is a good thing to have.

A good password contains upper- and lowercase letters as well as numbers.
Don't use a common English word (that would be too easy to crack.)
You can write your password down to remember it. Stow it away safely.

Remember to change your password once in a while.

15 Replies | 685 Views
Feb 4 2015 news
Feb 04, 2015 - 9:24 AM - by golden_boy

Ambient Occlusion in Quake

I didn't think I would ever see that, but here it is...

ericw added dirtmapping (AO) to Tyrann's Quake map compilers a while ago.
You can read about what Ambient Occlusion is here.

Monster sculpts

s13n1 is continuing his line of remodelled Quake monsters with a Scrag.

Map Jam 4

Another map jam has completed over at func_msgboard, with maps by FifthElephant and Rapowke.
The theme was "Low Gravity Runic."

Swimming Quakeguy

Cobalt recently posted a video of a Quake player model with
proper swimming animations in the Tekbot_CTF thread.

RetroBlazer needs programmer

Darkplaces-based indie game RetroBlazer is looking for someone
to help with QuakeC and CSQC programming tasks.

Q2 Cafe mapping contest

The Quake 2 cafe are holding a large mapping contest for Quake's "little brother."
They're also looking for people to rate and judge the maps.
You've got to sign up until Feb 15th if you want to participate.

Warez alert

Someone was recently caught distributing a Google Drive link to a "free Quake".
That download contains warez and the person has been banned from
We do not tolerate this kind of thing.

Quake is just $9,99 on Steam. Collect some bottles or mow someone's lawn and it'll be yours!
No need for warez.

And remember to practice Safer Fragging(tm) at all times!

4 Replies | 548 Views
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