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Quake Expo 2016 is now open!
Jul 16, 2016 - 9:28 AM - by ArrrCee
Today marks the day that Quake Expo 2016 is now open! Please visit and check out all the booths to take a gander at some great custom mods and maps. Feel free to make an account and post some comments on your favorite projects!

If you're not sure what Quake Expo is, it's a place online where you can catch up on what a lot of quake modders are currently working on. Whether you're new to the game (welcome!), coming back to it or have been here all along, there will be something there for you to enjoy.

It's still great to see all of the people who still support and customize this game 20 years later!
7 Replies | 289 Views
ADG features quake!
Jul 09, 2016 - 11:04 AM - by talisa
Kris Asick covered quake in his webshow Ancient Dos Games today

its a quite nice review and is worth a watch


if you enjoyed the episode and wanna see more,
check out either his youtube channel
or his official website Pixelmusement - Home Page
3 Replies | 218 Views
The QRP: Mission Pack 2 Released!
Jul 05, 2016 - 8:56 AM - by ArrrCee
In case you might've missed it over the shuffle of news with Quake's 20th Birthday, forum member Moon[Drunk] and his team have finished and released updated, hi-res textures and graphics for Quake Mission Pack 2: Dissolution of Eternity.

This is under the umbrella of the Quake Revitalization Project (QRP), where the team has already updated Quake and Mission Pack 1 with new textures. This particular part of the project for Mission Pack 2 has taken them a good 4 years to finish, but it's obvious from the screenshots that it was worth the wait!

If you'd like to download any of the updated texture packs, head to the download page of the QRP website.

As always, feel free to leave Moon[Drunk] a note here telling him what you think!
0 Replies | 235 Views
Introducing Quake Guy 2016!
Jul 05, 2016 - 8:42 AM - by ArrrCee
As we all know, Quake has been around for 20 years now, so forum member Dutch has decided that the Quake Guy (or Ranger) was in need of an updated look. Here is Quake Guy 2016, complete with beard!

Of course, the new Quake Guy comes with more updates than just a beard. Dutch elaborates about the updates in his forum post:

This is an enhanced version of id Software's original Quake Guy, primarily focusing on graphical improvements such as an increased vertex count, smoother animations, seamless texturing that accentuates details, and 3D features with a sense of depth, all while maintaining the classic look of our favorite hero (with a few minor deviations of course). Also included is a grisly gibbed head model replacement that stays consistent in size and detail to the Quake Guy model (unlike the original gibbed head).
You can download the Quakespasm engine version of the model here, or if you're using another engine like Dark Places, you can download that version here.

Of course, make sure to stop by Dutch's original forum post about the new Quake Guy model and tell him what you think.
0 Replies | 182 Views
Happy 20th Birthday Quake!
Jun 22, 2016 - 9:09 PM - by ArrrCee

Today is quite a special day as it marks Quake's 20th birthday! That's right, 20 years ago today, Quake was released to rabid pc gamers (most of us included) and opened the world to smooth deathmatch and a stylish single player campaign the world had never seen before. I'm sure that I'm not alone here in saying, thank you Id Software for creating one of the best games ever released!

As for festivities, Quakers around are doing some special things for Quakes 20th anniversary. Below is a list of things to check out, please let me know if I missed any:
10 Replies | 612 Views
Quake Champions Announced!
Jun 12, 2016 - 8:25 PM - by ArrrCee
It was just announced at the Bethesda E3 Press Conference that there is a new Quake game in development called Quake Champions.

Judging from the trailer, the game looks to take after Quake 3: Arena, as opposed to following the first Quake, as the trailer features a good front and center shot of Visor from Quake 3. Even if this may be the case, everyones favorite Quake Ranger was also featured in the trailer.

Bethesda said that they will have more to talk about at QuakeCon this year, but until then you can have solace in the knowledge that unlocked framerates are confirmed!
18 Replies | 962 Views
The Necromancer is introduced in Small Mod Compilation
May 17, 2016 - 10:54 AM - by ArrrCee
Update: You can now download the new version of SMC, v5.40, here.

Forum member Seven has just released an update on what is going on in his mod Small Mod Compilation, or SMC. In a future release of SMC, he is showing an additional monster called the Necromancer.

As Seven mentions in his post, this new monster can fly and has various ranged combat abilities. He can also summon additional different monster types for reinforcement. You can watch a video of the Necromancer in action below.

The Necromancer is not yet available but he will see a release in v5.40 along with improved blood-splats when shooting enemies and using new/different particle textures.
5 Replies | 625 Views
Quake Expo 2016 Booth Registration Now Open!
May 14, 2016 - 12:24 PM - by ArrrCee

Thsi is just a friendly reminder that registration for Quake Expo 2016 is now open! Please head over to the website and register a virtual booth if you have something Quake related to show off this year.

Keep in mind this can be anything! Making a new mod or map? How about some new models? Do you make Quake coasters? We want to see them!

The expo will take place on July 16th through 30th. Register now!
0 Replies | 395 Views
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