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Insomnia ProQuake 4.71 Engine + MOD Compilation [Sony PSP]

Insomnia Proquake 4.71 Revision 4



With the support of WorldGenesis[/r/psp & #PSP], Grzybiarz, Baker, Crow_bar and MDave, I am happy to release this new update to the ProQuake 4.71 engine for the Sony Playstation Portable. This updated engine release & mod compilation features numerous fully fledged custom campaigns for Quake and has been optimized for mod usage, with focus on ease of use. It has taken many hours of trial and error to code and compile this edition of the source. Primarily due to the fact that when I began work on this project, I had next to zero experience with developing PSP homebrew and absolutely no experience with C/C++, let alone compiling code for the psptoolchain. Big thanks to WorldGenesis for his patience with me, MDave for creating Kurok and Baker for this amazing ProQuake netcode implementation. Also big thanks to Jurak Styk for his original menu code from an earlier iteration of Quake on PSP!!! I have decided on naming the release "Insomnia", as Insomnia is one of my favorite custom campaigns by czg. Also naming it thus as I had a late night breakthrough and stayed up until dawn working on the project.

If you wish to discuss any updates or feature requests, feel free to comment on here! You can directly reach me on IRC @ #PSP


This version of the engine is optimized for PSP Slim's 64mb of ram. There is now a PSP Fat version though it may not be compabile with all included mods.

Added functionality with "-prompt" menu.

When the "-prompt" command line argument is added to the quake.cmdline file (done be default), the user is prompted to select a mod folder (first option "blank" for default Quake Campaign) upon initial boot of the Insomnia game.

Added texture filtering options for ProQuake Engine via prompt menu

Added "Hipnotic" support

Fixed dynamic lighting and mp3 issues

Other options include ability to set cpu speed and heapsize for memory allocation.
I recommend using CPU Speed: 333 and Heapsize: 33 for the PSP Slim, and for the PS Vita/PSP Phat to use CPU Speed: 333 and Heapsize: 14


Included in the archive are the respective game folder, eboot, and source code.


======TO DO FOR REVISION 5======
Green: Complete
Yellow: In Progress
Red: Incomplete

Add FOV Slider

User: dark_duke


July 20th, 2016 - Revision 4 -------------- Added modmusic support Will load any mp3s labeled track02 or above that is in the modfolders respective path \<modfolder>\music\ Set bobcycles to engine defaults Added ability to set "defaults" to the prompt menu. Example, add -setmodmusic or -linear to your quake.cmdline to select Texture Filtering to On and Mod Music to On in the prompt menu by default. Applies to memory allocation with "-heap 33" or "-cpu 333" When sv_aim is enabled, defaults to .8 Added keys to smallest visible HUD Added "Rogue" mode for Dissolution of Eternity -- you must have Dissolution of Eternity More than likely fixed the disappearing rune bug regarding saves -- not confirmed Compiled a 32mb version for PSP 1000 models July 1, 2016 - Revision 3 ------------- Force disabled dynamic lighting in deathmatch mode Fixed Dynamic Lighting bugs relating to viewmodels/enemy models illuminating when dynamic lights disabled Added "Hipnotic" support for mods that require -hipnotic to the prompt menu -- you must have Scourge of Armagon Added Vertical Aiming slider to MISC OPTIONS Added more mods Removed expiremental fog support Renamed Autoaim to "EasyAim" June 25, 2016 - Revision 2 ------------- Added "Texture Filtering" to prompt menu. Equivalent of "gl_texturemode GL_LINEAR"(Texture Filtering On) and "gl_texturemode GL_NEAREST"(Texture Filtering Off) Bot Options under Multiplayer tab are now linked for FROGBOT Bot Options will autohide when not in FROGBOT Added Crosshair Enable/Disable Option under OPTIONS > SUBMENU MISC OPTIONS Added Autoaim Enable/Disable Option under OPTIONS > SUBMENU MISC OPTIONS Fixed mp3/audio issues on startup and when returning from standby mode ***KNOWN BUGS*** If Dynamic Lighting is disabled, certain models and objects will continue to be affected by dynamic lighting (weapons/character models) June 21, 2016 - Revision 1 ------------- Bug fixes and more optimization Corrected heap/cpu speed paramater bugs Corrected mp3 directory Set cl_autoaim 0 in compile and config.cfg June 19, 2016 - Initial Release ------------- Added -prompt functionality including setting cpu speed, heapsize and mod folder Mod compilation of user generated mods that function on PSP Optimized for PSP Slim 64mb version. Will not function as stands for PSP 1000 models

Last edited by Dark_Duke; 07-20-2016 at 08:28 PM.. Reason: Revision 4 Update
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