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Unread 06-21-2016, 12:13 PM   #5 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Grzybiarz View Post
It does work, but it has some issues.

First of all, heap size is unchangable. No matter what you choose in prompt menu, it will always be set to 34 when you launch the game. It does not only make the game to crash when you start shooting to monsters at map e3m4, but also doesent allow to play Dissolution of Eternity and Scourge of Armaggon Extensions pack, just as in original PSP Proquake.

You put music files in wrong folder. It is put in main directory in "mp3" folder and all music files are named like "02", "03". It causes music not to work. In order to make it working, you need to put it in ID1 directory in folder called "music" and all of the files should be named like this: "track02", "track03". Also BGMtype command should be set to "CD" not "none". All that makes music to work properly. Note that when you put the music is ID1 folder, it will play in every mod and expansion, so forget about diffirent music for each.

I also have a big problem with autoaim. I belive this is an issue from original PSP Proquake. Talking about autoaim which doesent work as it should. It does not only work verticaly but also horizontaly so it makes the game too easy. And it's not like sv_aim command is set to less than 0.93. It should be fixed.

for some reason autoexec file doesent seem to work, but game saves everything that you change in options and put in console, so it's not that big problem.

I really apreciate your work, though. Thanks to this new port, i can easily play all the mods without need to change quake.cmdline everytime. Nice work.

Autoexec works, i just put wrong lines in it before. sorry. I also discovered how to get expansion pack and E3m4 to work. I just changed mipmap ammount to max and chose texture scaling down. To play deathmach without crash, i turned off dynamic lightning, but it is still unstable. To play rapture mod you need to do it all, or else it will crash too. i still can't change the heap, and autoaim doesent work properly though.
Thanks for checking it out so thoroughly! Are you certain about the heapsize? In the fat eboot I compiled it works off similar code and only allows you to set a max heap size of 16. I believe the initial console dropdown load parameters print the static default heap sizes and aren't dynamically linked to print the actual set heap sizes. Both the fat eboot and slim eboot will both print their default heapsize params (i believe ~16mb and ~40mb?). I'll look into it more. Thanks for noticing that!

You know, I'm not sure I've ever noticed the autoaim. I'll look into creating another menu param to enable or disable it!

Glad you are enjoying it! I'll start on fixing the bugs Worth noting, each mod folder has its own autoexec that it uses to load the respective map. The next step for me is figuring out the best parameters for each and including them in the respective autoexecs

Update: you are definitely right about heapsize! While debugging I removed the cpu/heap checkparam pass initialization! I'll add it back in. Good catch!

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