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File Date Downloads
One of the original Quake editors. Was maintained for many years, but is no longer being supported. ... [more] (Unknown Size)
06-13-2011 548
PakScape is a tool for modifying and creating .pak and .pk3 files (as well as other non-Quake relate ... [more] (Unknown Size)
12-12-2010 702
Quark - Quake Army Knife
Latest Version. QuArK is released under the GNU General Public License. It has the ability to dir ... [more] (Unknown Size)
10-11-2010 525
WinPak is a PAK file unpacker for Quake (either registered or test version) which runs under Windo ... [more] (Unknown Size)
10-10-2010 425
WVis is a modified version of Bengt Jardrup's VIS tool. It's the exact same program as the one you ... [more] (Unknown Size)
10-10-2010 228
WVis is a modified version of Bengt Jardrup's VIS tool. It's the exact same program as the one you ... [more] (Unknown Size)
10-10-2010 155
Unzip the file into its a directory. Read the adquedit.txt file. adquedit_v13 Manua ... [more] (Unknown Size)
10-10-2010 272
Quake Injector Alpha2
The Quake Injector is a tool to download, install and play Quake singleplayer maps from the Quaddict ... [more] (Unknown Size)
10-09-2010 307
qccx v1.0 optimizing QuakeC compiler (2000)
qccx is the world's first optimizing QuakeC compiler with support for string manipulation, pointers ... [more] (Unknown Size)
10-07-2010 419
This compiler is a modification of JP Grossman's qccx. Everything that qccx supports, frikqcc does ... [more] (Unknown Size)
10-07-2010 605
This archive contains all the tools you need to build Quake 1 maps with any version of QuArK : ... [more] (Unknown Size)
10-07-2010 293
BSP2MAP v0.1
BSP2MAP.ZIP - bsp to map convertor, exe for Win32 and src. -------------------- README -------- ... [more] (Unknown Size)
10-07-2010 459
This tool allows you to open, extract and create PAK files doe Quake. (74.5 KB)
09-07-2010 673
aguirRe/Bengt Jardrup's Tools (Link)
The following site has numerous map compile tools, conversion tools, utilities and aguirRe's enhance ... [more] (Unknown Size)
07-28-2009 317
TexMex 3.4
"TexMex is primarily a Quake1 Texture Wad managment tool. It enables you to create new wads, open BS ... [more] (1.05 MB)
07-28-2009 1193
Worldcraft 3.3 Installer
Installs the standard Worldcraft 3.3 package. For more information: ... [more] (1.81 MB)
07-28-2009 527
QuakeAdapter for Worldcraft 3.3
QuakeAdapter for Worldcraft 3.3, an install that transforms a fresh install of Worldcraft 3.3 into s ... [more] (13.73 MB)
07-28-2009 495

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