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Welcome to the all new! The web site has been moved to a brand new web host, and the site software (vBulletin) has been upgraded to the most recent version. All previous data, including users and posts, has been converted over to the new version of the site.

We are still in the process of updating the site look and feel. We hope to have this updated shortly. In the meantime we have simply launched the site with the default software templates so as to not keep the site down any longer.

Until we get the site back up and running as it was before, please use to find game server stats.

If you find any issues with anything on, please let us know in the Site Feedback Forum.

Thanks for your patience!

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Dquake 1.6.3 RELASED!!

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    Heh he says "right now" on a thread a few months old.

    I think he means cereal as in "fur cereal guys"

    for serious (for real..really) from an episode of southpark where Al Gore has no friends :/
    either way he could have had a more eloquent first couple of posts.

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      A spambot passing the Turing Test! Whatever next?
      IT LIVES!


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        ya ive seen a few of his posts and he doesn't seem to be adding to the discussion, like when your talking with your friend and some stranger walking by tries to mess with your head by jumping in the conversation.


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          And then I was like WOAHHHH TOO MUCH INFORMATION! ...did I miss something?
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            i had a spam bot show up in an x-ray once..

            why didnt id software make robotic theme originally as quake had very low cubic poly models? who is gonna say "dude your droid is square!" ? hmm maybe a fun mod idea
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              Woulda been a clever workaround, but after seeing quake2...I'm pretty happy they didnt.

              Plus we'd be short on fiends
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                Originally posted by R00k View Post
                nice first-dumbass post.
                welcome to hell we've kept your chair warm, well that and your mom.

                cerebral != cereal , unless u mean surreal??
                walk on your toes, i think your balls are draggin on the floor....
                Haha, the guy is a spammer. Not an obvious one.

                One of those "link strength" spammers that has a link the member's profile to seed search engine rankings.
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                So while you guys all have to fight your anti-matter counterparts, me and my evil twin will be drinking a beer laughing at you guys ...


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                  ya that was my automatic spambot replyer code that you quotered, it takes random strings from my list of profanities and makes a post


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                    r00k is working for Them??


                    • #25
                      no i was kidding