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[Mapping] Map can't compile because of some error i dunno

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  • [Mapping] Map can't compile because of some error i dunno

    So, I've been working on my first Quake map and things were going sw00dly until Necro's Compiling GUI started refusing to compile the map.
    Here's the error message:

    *** WARNING 01: No valid WAD filenames in worldmodel
    Processing hull 0...
    ---- Brush_LoadEntity ----
    371 brushes
    ---- CSGFaces ----
    2249 brushfaces
    1974 csgfaces
    1791 mergedfaces
    ---- SolidBSP ----
    126%************ ERROR ************
    Didn't split the polygon (SubdivideFace)
    ---- vis / TyrUtils v0.15 ----
    running with 4 threads
    testlevel = 4
    ************ ERROR ************
    Error opening eldertemple.bsp: No such file or directory
    ---- light / TyrUtils v0.15 ----
    running with 4 threads
    ************ ERROR ************
    Error opening eldertemple.bsp: No such file or directory
    The system cannot find the file specified.
    The system cannot find the file specified.
    1 file(s) copied.

    Any ideas? The textures show up fine in-editor, so I don't know what the whole WAD filename deal's about.

    From what I can gather, there seems to be a problem with one of the brushes? But it doesn't give any information about how to find it (id, etc.).
    I'm completely stumped.

    Can anyone help?

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    I don't know about the texture issue, but it does look like you have a bad brush in there. Are all of your brushes convex? Concave brushes won't compile right, but I think most editors will either not allow them, or will divide them out for you. What editor are you using?

    It looks like you only have 371 brushes, so finding the culprit should be easy. Make a big brush that covers half the map. If it compiles, then you know what half the bad brush is in. Then cover half of that half, so on and so forth, until you find it.

    Light and VIS won't compule because the BSP doesn't exist yet, so you can ignore those warnings for now.
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      Thank you so much, this fixed it! Progress resumes!!
      The offending brush was this triangular prism-shaped one here:

      I'd messed about with the texture scale to get it to align properly with the other walls, which is the only reason I can think of that it would cause problems. I'll steer clear of doing that so much next time.

      Thank you once again! ^^


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        If you use Trenchbroom (or JACK, I guess), you can make Quake maps using the Valve220 format, which allows for better texture alignment possibilities. Not sure if you can convert an existing map to Valve220 but at least you could think about it for your next project.
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          No problem, glad you got it figured out! Happy mapping.
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