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[Trenchbroom] How to I make "composite" lifts + How do I block light?

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  • [Trenchbroom] How to I make "composite" lifts + How do I block light?

    First question: How would I go about building composite lifts - I.E. lifts made up of multiple brushes (such as a main platform, a thinner pillar brush below and a CLIP brush the same width and length of the platform but lower)? Because when I tried doing it normally with multiple func_doors, some of them raised back up at different times + other oddities, presumably because of their differing volumes.

    The second question is: Is there a "block light" brush? Yeah, that's it.

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    Got to Func_Msgboard: Mapping Help and ask that question


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        Make sure all of the brushes are grouped together in a single group. Then make that group the platform entity, instead of making a bunch of them platforms (or doors or what not).

        Func_msg is good and all but don't be afraid to ask questions here as well. The more places info is found the better, and quite frankly navigating func for information is a pain in the ass.
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          Originally posted by Dutch View Post
          navigating func for information is a pain in the ass.
          Metl has implemented a new search option to the site.
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