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Quake giving too many pickups at beginning of levels

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  • Quake giving too many pickups at beginning of levels

    Hi everyone,

    I'm experiencing a really frustrating problem with Darkplaces and I hope someone can point me in the right direction to fixing it. When I start a new game, the first level starts off with a bunch of health, armour, and weapon pickups that shouldn't be there. I've been using noclip to get around these pickups when they're unavoidable, but I've discovered that if I finish a level with health that's below a certain threshold, the game boosts me to 50 at the beginning of the next level. I suppose I could use a console command to drop my health back to where it was when I finished the last level, but it shouldn't be necessary to need to use the console to micromanage all these boosts to try to play the game normally. Is there some setting somewhere I need to change?

    Thanks so much!
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    If anything, it sounds like you have something set that should not be. You should probably move all/any cfg's away from game/engine related directories and let the engine build a fresh one. That would be where I would start with something like this, anyway. If that doesn't work you may want to consider any mods you may be using (if any). Strip down to as vanilla as possible and add your mods in one at a time, testing after each one. When the problem reoccurs you know the last thing you added is the problem. Then you can start trying to figure out more specifically why it is producing that behavior.



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      Quake has always set the players health to 50 if it's below that on level change. Its in the original progs (QC game code) meaning that this is engine independent. You may also notice that if your shotgun shells are less than 25 on level change, if will set those to 25 as well.

      As for the extra pickups...are you sure you're not used to playing on hard? There are less pickups on hard. I've never heard of an engine removing items from a map, or adding them. That's typically map editor territory.
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        Turn external .ent file support off. I don't use DarkPlaces much, it is something like sv_entpatch 0 to turn it off, but I may have the command name wrong. But there is a command to do this, if I got it wrong it is in the documentation somewhere. It sounds like you have an unwanted external entity file with extension .ent lurking around somewhere as you are not the person to say this and turning off external entities solved the problem. - Being exactly one-half good and one-half evil has advantages. When a portal opens to the antimatter universe, my opposite is just me with a goatee.

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          He's probably using a CTF version of the map? Like on e1m1 that has the .ent file embedded you will have a bunch at the start because that is red base. or otherwise what Baker said. Though, even using ctf maps in singleplayer it shouldnt be visible with deathmatch 0 should it? dunno been so long....