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Xbox one controller issues with Darkplaces

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  • Xbox one controller issues with Darkplaces

    First off, this is my first post. Been a longtime fan of the game

    I have Quake 1 through steam running the Darkplaces engine with Texture packs/models etc and everything is great except when I use the right joystick with mouselook (configured through steam) I occasionally get turned around by the game (view is forced up, down or reversed) at random times. I've tried everything as far as deadzone and sensitivity but nothing eliminates the problem though messing with deadzone helps

    I know this is a Darkplaces specific issue because I tried it with Quakespasm and it worked fine, same situation with Quake 2

    Any thoughts or ideas? This is starting to drive me nuts, I think I'll just go back to Quakespasm

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    This is probably unrelated but, darkplaces_sdl forces my view down. If you are using sdl maybe that has something to do with it.


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      Does FTE support controller gameplay? If so, you might give that engine a go. It will do all the fancy stuff DP does as well.
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