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A question about custom weapons and monsters

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  • A question about custom weapons and monsters

    1. Is there some place where you can download custom weapons and monsters? I googled it but I haven't found any website that hosts such things.

    2. Are there any tutorials that help you make them yourself and get them into the game assuming you already know how to use a 3D modeling program such as Houdini or Blender?

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    1) not that I know of. I believe you are allowed to use assets from sock's arcane dimensions mod, which pretty much has all the high quality custom monsters I've seen over the years (like from hexen and quoth). So you could grab the models and even the code from his mod. I believe it's open, better check the read me though.

    2) if you already know how to model, half the battle is won. There is an MDL import/export plugin for blender you'll need. I don't remember where I got it, but Google for it and I'm sure it'll show up. That's how I found it. Assuming you are able to fully model, rig, animate, uv-unwrap, and texture using the quake palette (if you want vanilla engine compatibility), you're next step is to learn QC coding so you can plug the monster into the game. You'll have to make a mod even if you use existing people's code. I know for a fact sock's monster code will not drop right in, he greatly optimized/modified it.

    I can help you exceptionally well with the coding aspect. I even have a streamlined monster ai codebase you can use. I fine-tuned and weeded this area of the code down as far as possible. It is clean, short, and still functions like quake.

    I can't help with the modelling. I can give pointers, but there are SO many tutorials out there for basic modelling, rigging, animation, and unwrapping that it's not worth writing all that out. Plus, I don't know how much you already know. I can say though that you will want the program Wally. It is a texture creator that uses the quake palette exceptionally well. I love it. It's simple and robust.
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