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    Clearly no one is admining these forums anymore. Therefore... TITS THE WILD WEST UP IN THIS BITCH!

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      To those of you who are offended by fake breasts on beautiful women (or the Disney channel), just keep in mind that I chose NOT to post screencaps of the chechclear video or the mexican mafia chainsaw beheading video. Mmm hmm.
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        Damn Focalor, just because the site isn't being ACTIVELY administrated it doesn't mean it's cool to post this. I would ban you for 1 week per filth post if I had the power. To be real clear, I like you just fine and it's not personal. This shit is simply 100% unacceptable. Something needs to happen so you don't feel so "free range". When do you stop? What's next, even more unacceptable material? Be a grown up and delete this shit, bro.


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          "If I had the power." Internet power ain't real power. Be a shut up and make me a sandwich.