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MAlice for quake minigun goes all odd in quakespasm.

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  • MAlice for quake minigun goes all odd in quakespasm.

    so yeah... the minigun skin is pasted ono the model wrong in quakespasm. did it in glquake too if I'm not mistaken. is there a fix? I checked the model. its fine as far as I can tell anyone know of why this is happening? screenie shows what I mean spasm0000.png
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    Hello osjclatchford,

    That looks like a texture resolution issue.
    Quakespasm seems to follow stricter restrictions.

    I tinkered a little to see if I can be of any help for you.
    After some trial and errors I came up with the following.

    Original Malice Quakespasm minigun with texture mismatch:

    Some fixes, stretches and bendings afterwards:

    If you like it you can download it here:

    Have fun,


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      seven, thanks, you're an absolute legend sir!

      been looking at this in a mess for like, 20 years now! (it used to do it in glquake too)

      also, good to speak to you again, been a long time...


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        Hello osjclatchford,

        Thank you but you are the one who made much more for good old games like Quake than I did.
        You made wonderful things for Heretic, Hexen, Quake and whatnot.
        Passionate people like you are hard to find and even harder to keep.
        That is why I am happy to see you too and am excited what you maybe come up with

        Regarding Malice:
        Legend coincidentally also tinkers around with Malice currently.
        Unfortunately he cannot post at quakeone anymore, so he used func_Msgboard to post his issues:
        If you want to play through Malice with Quakespasm you will encounter another bug: The spy probe is not working.
        Please find the qc-fix for it there in case you are interested.

        Have a great time old friend,


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          well that's real funny, I have been in touch with legend and working the problems with him on that celephais msgboard and using the zdoom forums to communicate with him via pms (due to his inability to communicate here)
          legend himself blames me for getting him back into malice again! I was going on about how much I loved it and was sharing some skin fixes I made for it. (I fixed the rioteer head skin to match the skin on the main model. the replacement models with my new skins can be found here:
          legend has recently made some nice lit files for malice and is currently trying to get the reverse weapon cycling without bugs at present.
          in fact the post that first mentioned the probe failure (and this minigun issue around the time I had also asked here) over on celephais was actually mine LOL. its seems it is a tiny world but that's something I'm glad of. It means folks can always end up find each other again with just a little effort!

          also thank you so much for the kind words about my past tinkerings on the games of old...
          I never really thought they made much of an impact to be honest and its lovely to know that they have to you and might have to others!
          the passion is never gone but merely the technology that has failed me again and again and again over the years. I've no money to invest in replacement machines anymore and I'm working on a little lenovo thinkpad running windows7 (an upgrade from my old ibm thinkpad that run xp, but hell its no gamers machine) so, yeah, I'm really limited these days.
          I'd love nothing more than to go all-out on malice and make a load of new highres skins for use in DP but I guess I'll have to wait till/if I can ever get a machine capable of running dp again to properly test and view them... I've not even got access to good art software or even all the old 90's art software I got into a real rapport with as most of this wont run on win7 and the others are long since lost to hardware failures. to be honest I never really stopped to think about it till now but its actually really rather upsetting. last time I left here was when the machine I had that ran dp failed and I figured it was the universe telling me to stop. in truth it had got to the point were I was using dp as an art canvas for my artwork but not for playing quake in. (too much lag even on that machine).
          after the crash I went on to doing zdoom engine stuff but recently retired from that for other reasons. one being that the project ideas I had are completed to a point I'm happy with (major crisis and descent into heresy) and have turned out exactly as I wanted them in the first place. thats how I work. have an Idea and write down the plan. stick to it and You're done. this, I find, stops you going too far...

          Anyhow. thanks to my retirement from zdoom and my subsequent discovery of quakespasm and the "hq remodels" that exist (ammo/health, weapons and monsters etc...) that keep to the style of the original assets, Im back on a real nostalgia trip and have played so much quake (+ malice, alien quake zestorer etc...) recently that I almost forgot how much I loved it! these 'mid poly models' feel like something official that id should have released when glquake first came out... Like the voxels that 3drealms released for shadow warrior after its initial release...

          Know what I mean? They're new but nostalgically pleasing and very fitting. I never put my finger on it at the time but it seemed wrong when higher res skins add stuff completely alien to the original artwork theme. I'm all for more details but to me it should just be like someone took the original and dialed in the focus a little... I guess I've just outgrown all the hq content now... many folks seem to have actually... its exciting at first but it can become all consuming, finding the 'best' hq content for you and I could never 100% stop tinkering. it started to ruin it. I was constantly stopping during gameplay to check out new textures or swap out skins. plain silly...

          to illustrate further this 'nostalgia vs creativity' argument can even be seen in these mid-poly remodels:

 here is my skin tweak of an ogre model by daniel wienerson (chillo) I found here:

          my skin gets rid of that silver quake symbol and replaces it with the Q from the original ogre that looked like a simple embossed leather pressing.
          its a common point of constestation as to what should and should not be on a skin/model. that's down to personal choice, I know, but this mid-res content at least stops my indecision in it tracks for the most-part!

          there is a minor error on my reskin though. qme would not let me import my edited skin as a png at all, nor as a bitmap without pallette raping it...
          as such I had to import it as high-end jpeg just to get it to work at all.
          but for some reason this makes it do an odd thing, the blood and some pixels on the face "glow" when in dark areas. (something to do with the pallete's glowing colours I know) I wish I could fix it but alas I know not how...

          anyway, thanks again for the kind words and sorry for this massive message!
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            Hello osjclatchford,

            Thank you very much for linking to that new ogre model.
            I did not know that somebody actually did a fully animated mid-poly ogre model. I like it a lot.

            Regarding your skin edit issue:
            I do not know what you did wrong but I tried to fix the problem for you. Please see below.

            This is how your skin edit looks in dark areas (you used some fullbright colors for it):

            This is how it looks now (removed the fullbright pixels):

            You can download the fixed version from here if you want:

            Some more screens from the new Ogre model, which looks faithful and really good:

            And a comparism clip with the original Ogre model side by side:

            Thank you again for your heads up.

            Kind regards,


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              Thanks everso for fixing that skin edit, seven. It's fantastic now.
              dont know how the fullbright happened but I'm super glad you fixed it...

              Believe it or not this is the older version of chillo's work on the ogre. This to me is equally good as capnbubs ranger and soldier an fits in well alongside his grunt in e1m2... Personally I don't like his latest ogre version as it deviates from the original too far: it's got pointy elf ears for crying out loud! What was he thinking!? It is mostly similar to the arcane dimensions ogre with the launcher and armour and everything but it doesn't hold a candle to this one imho...

              Legend put me onto chillo's work via chillo's Twitter feed: - Check out his other models. Particular faves of mine are the zombie, scrag and enforcer and his latest release of a re-imagining of ch'thon is truly badass. It makes original ch'thon look a little tame now...
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                ooooh most of those look really good

                i agree, the ch'thon looks bad-ass af too

                im still partial though to the chthon from RMQ myself:


                also heh, chillo's latest ogre makes me have to think of this
                Last edited by talisa; 03-07-2018, 09:46 AM.
                are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


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                  Omg you and I thought the exact same thing about the ogre being griphook!

                  Also that chthon... Are you kidding me!? Maybe it looks better in context. Not played rmq before...


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                    lmfao... maybe it was inspiration for chillo's redesign for the ogre?


                    and it looks flipping awesome af imo, the RMQ chthon.
                    i like how it looks more freaky and more lovecraftian, rather then the 'generic fat-guy with horns' of original quake

                    chillos chthon redesign looks flipping awesome too though
                    are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                    > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                    everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


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                      Well that's a fair point. Lovecraft is the obvious style choice when designing quake critters.

                      And it's true original chthon is like a fat ol' football hooligan slinging housebricks compared to rmq or chillo's one.
                      I guess my preference is tainted by the past twenty plus years of looking at chthon and having a visual expectation of how he ''should" look.
                      This is why I guess I prefer chillo's, as it's less bat-fastard and more greater-demon-lord...

                      Still a big ol' fat dumbass is pretty much what chthon is... I mean, come on, he lives in a house that by its very design exists purely to kill him... What's with that?