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Arcane Dimensions hellknight port?

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  • Arcane Dimensions hellknight port?

    so yeah. I rather like the model of the deathknight from arcane dimensions (a mod I'm sure you're all familiar with, I downloaded it but cannot actually play due to savage lag issues...)
    I figured it would be a great new model for use in regular quake. alas the anims do not directly port over well... so what I'm asking is, has anyone made (or would anyone make) a working port of this model for use in regular quake as the hknight.mdl? obviously the gibbed head works fine but, you know. not everyone is code savvy nor has the time/cognitive capacity/desire to learn code systems... lol

    besides, I figured someone would have already done this for sure, just that I had not found it yet? (please prove me right...)

    thanks in advance.

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    You want someone to reanimate the model. I wouldn't hold my breath on that one.

    You could rename the main func for the AD knight to match the main func for the stock knight, change the precache for the stock knight mdl to the AD knight mdl, replace the stock knight QC filename with the AD knight QC filename in progs.src, compile the QC and use the new dat.

    Alternately, but essentially the same damn thing, you could rename the main func, and then rename the QC and mdl to match too. Then just dump that in the proper folders, overwriting the originals, compile and use the new dat.
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      if you use darkplaces as your main engine of choice, you could use a framegroups.mdl file to tell darkplaces to use the animation-frames from the AD knight,
      and you wouldnt have to make any changes at all to the QC nor to the model itself
      All of these formats can use a .framegroups file (for example models/something/blah.dpm.framegroups) which contains lines such as:

      1 20 30 1 // idle1
      21 15 30 0 // jump

      These lines contain: firstframe numframes framerate loopflag

      Typically each line begins with a firstframe that is the previous firstframe + numframes, but this is not necessarily so, for example animations can be duplicated or played at different rates, the main use of this is to accommodate weapon firing anims where you can alternate between two firing animations (which may use the same frames) so that the network interpolation sees this as a new animation event. The loopflag indicates if this animation should repeat, if it is 0 then it will stop on the last frame and stay there (death animations, jump animations, etc).

      Formats which do not need a .framegroups file to get automated playback of animations (I.E. an animation sequence being set by quakec as a single .frame assignment): mdl (requires special configuration of frames in modeling program), zym, iqm.

      only problem that would arise is that the AD deathknight doesnt have the additional unused animations, which some mods like seven's SMC do use.
      so you would be missing those animations when playing mods like the SMC that do use those unused animations
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        Madgypsy, all that you said = !? Lol

        Talisa, it's quakespasm or bust for me these days.

        To be honest I really did not expect anyone to simply do it for me. Nor would I ever.
        Just thought that it might have already been done and I simply missed it as I've been AWOL for along time now.
        It's really no biggie. It was always a longshot...
        But as momma always said, "don't ask, never know..."

        Thanks anyhow guys...


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          Sorry you didn't get any of that, bro. It's actually super easy and would take you about 2 minutes if you understood it.