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    First of all where can I find some already recorded mvd files? I'd like to check them out, they sound cool.

    Second, are these basically a package of .qwd files? A .qwd file collecting events within one player's PVS/PHS. Say you have 5 players in the same room, each .qwd file is going to record pretty much the same events, and that would be a waste. What I'm hoping mvd files do is just straight up record all events that occur on the map without any regard to anyone's PVS/PHS. Including events/message only to be seen by specific players.

    Basically a file recording that you can connect to and roam around as a non-interactive spectator, just as if you connected to a real life server but can only spectate, no interaction possible.

    EDIT: I was thinking that .qwd could be converted to a world recording file, but you can only see ents in that one player's PVS/PHS. When playing back bsp leafs not within the players PVS/PHS would be drawn faded to indicate that it is unknown if any ents reside there.
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    mvds are recorded by various qw servers (usually triggered by mods).
    they can be downloaded directly from said servers using the 'cmd demolist' etc commands, but its often easier to download them from the relevant qtv proxy on the same host, if you know its address+port.
    figuring out whether its actually worth watching any individual demo is a different matter.
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      Awesome thanks. Big list there, haven't found one yet though where I'm not missing some .bsp or .mdl. Know of any CTF and TF servers that save mvd files as well?

      As for the file specs I guess I'll try to decipher to source code from a server that records them, such as
      Looks like this file handles server side demo saving
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        Some videos showing spectators being sent all ents regardless of PVS/PHS
        Which servers give specs this ability, now that is the way to spectate video sports games! Football, baseball, soccer, you can see all the action as well.
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