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  • Bunny hopping aides

    Bunny hopping works by taking advantage of the fact that air acceleration is unbounded in directions perpendicular to your velocity vector. It would be useful to have tools to make it easier to take full advantage of, such as:

    -Show velocity pointer: manually keep yawing so that your facing direction (aim reticle) matches your velocity direction (velocity reticle) Perhaps have an option to automatically do this? Can't be bothered with such minutia when looking around in VR.

    -Have +jump be engaged until -jump is received, just like +forward, +strafeleft, etc... So you can just hold it down to continuously jump. Currently once you jump it's basically automatically dis-engaged until it receives -jump followed by another +jump. I'd rather concentrate on aiming/moving than worry about getting jump time just right.

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    The velocity reticle could simply be a vertical line as pitch doesn't matter when bunny hopping. Maybe only show up when +jump is activated.

    Maybe have a +bunnyyaw command which automatically aims your yaw to your velocity direction. So you basically steer with +strafeleft +straferight while +jump is activated.

    Some commands to assist rocking jumping would be useful as well.
    -Maybe a pitch command, say pitchabs -80, which will snap your view -80deg down (absolute)
    -Along with a yawrel command, say yawrel -180, which will snap your view 180deg (relative)

    So you could have an alias something like
    "pitchabs -80;yawrel -180;+jump;+attack;yawrel -180;pitchabs 0;-attack"

    Maybe 'pitchabs return' could return to your previous pitch.

    Although bunny hopping is always done in the direction of your weapon, it doesn't have to be, it's just that way because w/o VR your head is stuck facing in the direction of your weapon unable to look where you're going in any other direction. With VR you can bunny hop in any direction. When bunny hopping sideways you'd use your forward and back keys to steer.
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