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Did anyone ever try to add new animations to the existing enemies of Quake?

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  • Did anyone ever try to add new animations to the existing enemies of Quake?

    I'm curious about how it would be done. Do you know any mods that did or tried to do it?

    I'm thinking one would have to have additional model files with the extra frames so that the original models were not distributed with the mod, but I don't know if it can be done.

    EDIT: I don't mean starting a new similar model from scratch, I mean using the existing models and just adding new keyframes.
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    Sure, lots of people have done this.
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      Cool! But could you walk me through the especifics of how it was done? Were the original .mdl files modified and shipped with the mod or were there extra models containing the extra frames?

      A download link to the mod you posted would be nice as well, so I can take a look at the files.


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        It's simple.

        Completely start over.
        New model + new animations + new code = make things do whatever you want.

        Your extra model/extra frames concept isnt gonna work. Well, it COULD work but, it's not gonna work for you. You have to start from scratch and that's the most solid way, anyway.

        You could open the original model, find a good starter frame, delete all other frames and start over. At least that way you don't have to make a new ranger. However, no original Q1 models have any bones so, you can either fight with shape tweens or rig the ranger yourself.
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          Of course. I know tons of mods make a completely new model and start over.

          What I was curious about was if any mod went this alternative route of just adding the extra frames, sorry if it was confusing.

          Yes, I imagine it could be tricky xD Specially if it was never done before, as it would be uncharted waters. That's why I wanted to know if anyone tried it, and I guess from your replies that noone did :\

          Starting from scratch is more straightforward, but you also run the risk of losing something of the original art style. That would be the main advantage of doing things this way.

          Are there even source ports capable of something like this?

          EDIT: Basically, a source port that can use more than one model file for the same monster, and preferably interpolate seamlessly between keyframes from different models.
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            Either try and add your own bones, or move each and every vertex individually - for every single new frame. Those are your two options when trying to add extra animations.
            Note that if any of your new frames have any verts outside of the original model's bounds then you'll have reduced the precision of all those original frames.
            MDL is NOT a friendly format to directly modify.

            You'll also need to update your QC to actually use your new frames, of course.
            And any auto-downloads will be skipped because the user already has a model with the same name.

            The engine has nothing to do with it, other than providing ways to ditch mdl completely.
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              Yeah, the approach I was considering was to convert the model to .iqm or something else with skeletal animations, adding my own bones and then animate them. Noone deserves to suffer through individual vertex animation xD

              So for the same monster I can reference two frames from different models and the engine will still interpolate between them?
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