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QRP skins, models etc with Arcane Dimensions?

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  • QRP skins, models etc with Arcane Dimensions?

    I just replaced Darkplaces/Epsilon with FTE/AfterQuake and i'm working on my installation of Arcane Dimensions (with the goal of having the most up-to-date and HD version, while still keeping it look like Quake).

    Here on this forum is a big thread with HD mods for Arcane Dimensions. But AfterQuake already has all those HD skins and models, although i discovered that they are not used in AD.

    Do the Quake Reforged Project skins and models not work with AD? Or do i need to install most of the stuff that AfterQuake installed into the id1 folder, into the AD folder myself?

    I already installed all the texture packs from aforementioned AD HD thread, but my inquiry is about skins and models.

    UPDATE: It seems the HD skins of QRP don't work with AD. Even though i installed them into the "ad" folder, they don't show up in game. Any insights on why this doesn't work would be greatly appreciated. I trapped in the dark here.
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    I´m not that familiar with AD or FTE but if AD is using the original quake enemies maybe there are some skins inside the AD folder that overrides the Quake Reforge´s skins?
    Usually Quake engines look for stuff first inside the id1 folder and secondly in the mod folder if I recall correctly.
    Have you tried playing Quake without the AD mod, does the QR skins work then? If not start there….

    On a side note I think "QRP" is usually used for the Quake Retexturing project while Quake Reforge project is abbreviated "QR".
    – Moon[Drunk]'s Quake Graphics
    – Quake Revitalization/Retexturing Project


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      Noted about QRP, thanks!

      Yeah, the main game runs with the QR skins, no problemo.

      I'm not very familiar with in-depth modding in Quake, although i have mapped a bit for fun in Q3Radiant, but that was a long time ago. The info about engine asset locations is very useful.

      AD is using i think most of the original enemies plus some new ones. The problem is, i don't know their names. Is there a list somewhere, so i can try to disable them in the AD folder, and see if the Reforge skins get loaded?

      PS: Are you the same Moon from L00's discord channel?
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        I guess the AD assets are in the form of a .pak so you should be able to check it out with pakexplorer.
        You can extract everything in the pak in regular folders if you want to and that way it is easier to rename specific files.

        And no I´m not that Moon, never used discord....
        – Moon[Drunk]'s Quake Graphics
        – Quake Revitalization/Retexturing Project