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[HELP!] removing hand arm from this gl model...

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  • [HELP!] removing hand arm from this gl model...

    HI guys
    I wondered if someone could help me by removing the hand and arm from this Grenade-launcher model (by bloodshot).
    gl_alternate ​​​​​​​ I've been working on its skin a bit as you can see in this pic.
    i feel it fits in with the slightly enhanced models quite well. but i always felt the gl was an atrocious model. its little more than a cereal box with a skin... as you use the gl most of the time in sp campaigns you're gonna be looking over it for a lot of the time so i figured this nice model bloodshot made for his quake 1.5 mod would fit well.

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    sorry but this site is fucked! I cant stay logged in for more than 20 seconds whats with that? im struggling to get this bloody forum to accept a screenie... sorry
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      That's why I made this over a year ago. There are no problems at all posting screenshots or media of any kind for that matter. You can embed stuff from something like 200 sources ... even Scribd documents and other such things. That's like 1% of the overall power of my site.

      Quakeone has people complaining about how shitty it is while the people from Quakeone that have made their way to my site never complain again.

      No spam, fully styled and so many features that this site was never in a state to compare. It's just true. My haters may not like it but, there isn't a Quake forum on the entire internet that can compete with mine in functionality, possibility and freedom.

      I have a fake Google docs, a fake Google drive, you can read the site in 104 languages, build your own groups, build your own forums, image galleries, embed anything with nothing but the link, no spam as in ZERO POINT ZERO spam, a functional but "cheap" chatroom, most pages can be converted to a fully styled PDF with the click of a link, user profiles with lots of customization features, activity threads, documented shortcodes for a very wide array of formatting and effects... the list goes on and on. There is no competition, period.
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        Hi OSJ
        For me the image you posted (which then disappeared and later reappeared) looks like you have just posted a link to a single letter "I" on the page .
        I can only speak from my own newbie experience but for showcasing Quake related work and ideas you might consider adding MG's site to your Quake links as it's a much more suitable and growing environment, especially for someone with your talent. It's easy to use, has some familiar Quake faces, and it actually works (yes members can actually post screenshots too ).
        If not then I hope Sole is able to fix for you someday and return it to what it once was before the update all those months / years ago. Ahh nostalgia, happy days .

        Kind regards
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