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    Hi im in need of help with modding my steam verison of Quake. I'm totaly new to the quake modding scence and have little know how to fully get things to work. I have looked around online and found some yoututbe guides and tried to follow them but im still having problems. I have got as far as getting the music to work, installing Darkplaces, Quake 1.5 and the Quake Reforged bestiary pack. I also tried the romi's rt lighting and it works but not with quake 1.5. The game just crashes if i place the pak file in the id folder of darkplaces. im guessing you can only use one or the other. but my main issue is world and water textures. i cant get them to work. the water pack ( Pretty_DP_water_pack_V0.55_Seven)shows checkered type patterns for the water. and the Rygel's 2.7GB ultra quality texture pack just crashe when I try to load the game. There was some info about visding your map files or something in relation to the water pack. But I did not fully understand what to do other then place the pak files and Visd_ maps pak file in the id1 folder and there was no info i could find on troubleshooting the Rygels pack. all I did was unpack the one pak file which was in the 2.5gb zip and put that in my darkplaces id1 folder. for the Rygels textures though I can see they take effect because the loading bar is totaly dif but the game just crashes back to desktop with no error and I dont no why. If anyone can help with getting either to work that would be great. thanks

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    If you have problem with a specific mod, try removing all other mods and see if that helps first.
    There could be some textures in other mods/paks/pk3 that interferes.

    Regarding the world textures I would suggest removing the Rygels textures and get the QRP ones instead.
    The downloads on the QRP site doesn´t work anymore cause the file host has been taken down though.
    Try searching for QRP_map_textures_v.1.00.pk3. Here´s one host it seems:

    Good luck!


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