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  • Pak files.

    First time here so please forgive me if this qestion has been answered in the past. I have seen a similar post but the answer did not cover my circumstances.
    I have rediscovered Quake after many years but now I'm running Win 10. I tried (hopefully) to install from the original disk, but to no avail.
    I read that all I need is the pak0.pak and the pak1.pak files to run Quake (I used Dosbox in the past, but thought I would give Quakespasm a go).
    To this end, using Winrar, I found the pak0.pak file in Q101_INT.1 file, but for the life of me I cannot find the pak1.pak file.
    I would be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction and/or give me any suggestions.
    Many thanks.

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    Hi Soulmonger
    Oddly enough when I moved one of my machines over to Windows 10 it was just a case of copying the entire quake directory across from my Windows 7 box and updating the path in my batch file to reflect the new location (in this case a different drive letter). The same was true when I moved from XP to Win7, there was no need to reinstall anything.
    That said, if you are returning Quake and effectively starting from scratch I understand from the mighty Mindzy (all hail!) that it can be done quite easily. He has put some information in the following thread and Zaric and Talisa have expanded upon the topic in the same thread. I've not done this myself but from what I understand you go through the Quake "Steam" installation process only to get the PAK files. So once you have obtained the required PAK0 and PAK1 you are ready to create a fresh quake directoryt and are ready to use them for your prefered Quake engine (e.g. Quakespasm, MarkV, Darkplaces, DirectQuake, etc).

    Good Luck

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      Thank's for the link Monty, but I don't have a Steam account, I have the original CD however and that's where I've located the pak0.pak file.
      I guess it would probably be a lot easier to download it from Steam or Gog and start again. Thanks again.


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        Hi SM,
        I'm just curious, is there a q101_int.2 file? and if so is it in there?
        My guess would be that this may be a legacy from the old days of gettnig a "registered" version (which as the 2nd PAK) vs the shareware which I believe doesn't. I wouldn't know where to point you to register your quake these days but I would guess this is probably resolved within the Steam version. If you don't want to play through all of the original maps and just want to sample the latest and greatest new maps, wouldn't just the install of a new engine get you by? It seems crazy really, you have to install an engine you don't want just to get 2 archaic files which unlock all that retro quake goodness.

        Kind regards
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        WWW: Quake Terminus , QuakeVoid You Tube: QuakeVoid

        News: Sadly the excellent site will be closing shortly. RIP NGQ, you will be missed


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          Hi Monty, there is a Q101_int.2 file, but it was just a (what looked to me to be jibberish), code I suppose.
          I wasn't sure if that was the exact file title so I just looked it up again to check, yep, just code.
          Now I must have looked in all of the files about half a dozen times, but I looked again in the Q101_int.1 file (where the pak0.pak file was located) and I saw .....the pak1.pak file staring me in the face right underneath the pak0.pak file!!!
          I am absolutely sure that it wasn't there before, I must be going mad.
          Oh well, at least I've found it.
          When I get time later I will try to get everything working.
          I loved the old maps and "unique nature" of the original Quake but I am also looking forward to trying new maps and mods.
          In the depths of the cupboard I have just discovered two more cds which I'm sure I've never played:Q!zone for quake and Malice. I guess they're expansions.
          Loading them may be another voyage of discovery.
          I'll probably be back when I can't get it working.
          Thanks for the advice.

          An update:
          I'm not going mad - Phew!
          When Winrar (or 7 zip for that matter) tries to open the ID1 file, it sees the pak1.pak file as corrupt and then deletes it, only showing pak0.pak file.
          I can see the pak1.pak file but cannot copy it or transfer it! going to have to rethink this.

          Further update:
          Rethought it. Bought the "Quake collection" from Steam. The pak files were easily transferable to QuakeSpasm.
          Job done!
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