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Welcome to the all new! The web site has been moved to a brand new web host, and the site software (vBulletin) has been upgraded to the most recent version. All previous data, including users and posts, has been converted over to the new version of the site.

We are still in the process of updating the site look and feel. We hope to have this updated shortly. In the meantime we have simply launched the site with the default software templates so as to not keep the site down any longer.

Until we get the site back up and running as it was before, please use to find game server stats.

If you find any issues with anything on, please let us know in the Site Feedback Forum.

Thanks for your patience!

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Banned for infinity []

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  • Banned for infinity []

    So I was like mad at Quake players killing me too much, and then, got banned. For infinity. Why is this happening to me?

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    "So I was like mad at Quake players killing me too much"

    If you can't understand why this is absurd, there is no reasonable explanation anyone can offer you.
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      Gonna venture a guess here and say, uh... because it's not 1998 anymore. The player pool is miniscule and so are the number of available servers. The servers that ARE still around are probably paid for by private individuals opening them to the public out of the goodness of their heart and their love for the game. The servers aren't gonna be run by some impersonal corporate man working off a rule sheet. They're gonna be run and policed by the guy PAYING for it. And since he's spending his money on it, he's not gonna pay his own cash to subject himself to the grief of some random childish dickhead that gets mad at a video game.


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        Try it with manners and always be aware that you are playing a game. For fun. To have fun. If you lack the skill to compete with others - practice like hell. Just a hint for not getting banned the next time.
        I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.