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    Sorry for double posting - I am using Notepad++ to look at the .bsp map files and despite using all kinds of reasonable keywords in the search function I cannot for the life of me understand how you identify which track is played in which map.
    @ Seven: So far I followed what you said about the first 3 maps (just had to modify Neh1m3's worldspawn block so it will play neh3 instead of neh8 like the previous map) and now that works in-game with darkplaces, but looking into the detail I cannot find the triggers associated to choosing a mod track - there is no "music", "play2" or "track" command and the very names of the tracks like "neh3" don't turn up either... I'm probably missing something obvious, can you please illuminate me?


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      Hello Sat42,

      You have to understand how music is played in Nehahra and in vanilla Quake.
      When a music track is triggered in the worldspawn block, it means, it is played from the very beginning you start a map.
      And it will be looped endlessly.

      Not so in Nehahra...
      Nehahra uses custom (qc)code to start, stop, repeat music tracks.
      Like in a movie... That is the only way to create excitement/tension (or how you call it in english) when playing a map.
      YouŽd have to look for these function calls as well.

      But to make it short and easy for you:
      You can use this command to play any music track you want from within the map itself:
      cd loop sound/cdtracks/blahblah.wav
      By typing this command, you can start playing any music file/format from within the given subfolder.
      Just type/use the correct folder and file name.

      I will not dig into Nehahra code again, you can do it if you want.
      Or you can simply play custom music files by using the above command.

      For more options, simply type: apropos cd into console and you will find all CD (musicbox) possibilities of Darkplaces listed.

      Again, if you want to play Nehahra as it was meant to be, you will have to use the original engine from that time, I am afraid.
      And dont be suprised to have no music at the beginning of a map. It may/will start and stop during playing the map to add atmosphere.
      If you encounter issues (like having no mouse view, as you mentioned), you can move the complete Nehahra folder out of your Quake.
      You know that you can multiple Quake "installations" beside each other. Because Queke doesnt need windows registry entries.
      So, just use/copy vanilla ID1 and nehahra folder together with your Darkplaces files somewhere else and you are independent to other Quake mods in your id1.

      Happy tinkering

      Best wishes,


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        Hey Seven! Thank you again for the detailed reply

        You make some good sense and I believe I will now follow the route you suggest of an install for Nehahra that will be independent from the main Quake installation. And yeah, I think I will try get the original experience that way. I honestly love that they actually bothered to introduce a "dynamic" music system! Reminds me of Unreal...

        Again thanks for the explanations and suggestions, I will be off tinkering some more until I get to enjoy this mod in all its glory


        EDIT: got it all working as intended! I checked if the music works (using Nehahra's tracker module files) and it does! An easy way to check (since indeed not all maps start playing music from the beginning) is to open neh2m6 - if you hear atmos2 playing (you can verify it's the same by playing the file outside the game), then congratulations you got the music to function as intended! Finally I can get going with my playthrough
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          I think you certainly should use Bengt's glquake.exe for Nehahra. Actually it is Nehahra 3.08 engine. The best. My version of NehQuake 3.08 no longer uses fmod, it's hard to find it (it's so old (2001)!) My version uses modern libxmp and sdl instead, to decode & play the xm music where it should be played, and quality is much better, 44100 Hz.


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            The next best thing that can run Nehahra is Mark V. At least it's not an ancient engine.

            I will never understand why Nehahra code had to deviate so much from regular QuakeC. I see nothing in this mod that wouldn't be possible with regular code.
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