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  • @Spike

    Nice! Thanks for that!

    The -nowmfullscreen isn't on the wiki.
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    • Originally posted by PrimalLove View Post
      Oh yes!!! DP and FTE use basically the same extensions and many of the same cvars! Check here for all the commands!!

      Lemme show ya what DP can do! Basically both engines can accomplish many of these same things.

      I can't seem to get it to be transparent. A search for 'water' in the cvar list shows

      r_wateralpha	1	opacity of water polygons
      r_waterscroll	1	makes water scroll around, value controls how much
      r_waterwarp	1	warp view while underwater
      r_wateralpha doesn't seem to do anything cOOp - Mapvote - DM - Mapvote -


      • Make sure r_water is set to 1. Also if you have vised your ID1 maps you can use r_vis 1
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        • If I set lighting to 'full' in menu (I normally have it on high) then water opacity changes underwater, but still no surface reflections. Problem is using 'full' kills my fps to around 30.

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          • Not sure what you mean by your last post. Are you saying you get reflective water only when you have lighting set to full?


            • No, the surface isn't reflective even when set to 'full', it just looks like the old quake water

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              • I am not sure if reflections are handled differently in FTE. But I just cranked up a DP with vanilla quake and I was able to get water to be transparent using r_water 1 (for reflections) and r_wateralpha .7. Not sure what reflective properties you want or if FTE provides something different. By default below is what it looks like in DP with vanilla quake for me. And the other is with my custom settings and DP Pretty water (Seven). One thing to note is I have vised ID1 maps but in DP it shouldn't matter.

                Without Transparency Vanilla Quake

                With r_wateralpha .7 (Transparency)

                With r_water 1 (Reflections) See the light from above reflecting in the water?

                With DP pretty water in my custom DP setup

                In FTE I get similar effects.
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                • These are some where you can see my reflection in the water and the reflection of the sky in the other.


                  • I am trying to be helpful but not sure if I am doing so. DP has always just worked for me without much fuss and it does everything I need it to do so I have stuck with it. FTE is also a pretty incredible engine with what you can do with it and it even lets you play Quake 2 with it. So it's pretty amazing. But occasionally you'll have to muck around with it to get it working right.


                    • Vispatched my files and it works. Something else that I found: doing r_water<tab> outputs the following:

                      12 possible variables:
                      r_water is "1" ["0"] whether to use reflections and refraction on water surfaces (note: r_wateralpha must be set below 1)
                      r_water_clippingplanebias is "1" ["1"] a rather technical setting which avoids black pixels around water edges
                      r_water_fbo is "1" ["1"] enables use of render to texture for water effects, otherwise copy to texture is used (slower)
                      r_water_hideplayer is "0" ["0"] if set to 1 then player will be hidden in refraction views, if set to 2 then player will also be hidden in reflection views, player is always visible in camera views
                      r_water_lowquality is "0" ["0"] special option to accelerate water rendering, 1 disables shadows and particles, 2 disables all dynamic lights
                      r_water_reflectdistort is "0.01" ["0.01"] how much water reflections shimmer
                      r_water_refractdistort is "0.01" ["0.01"] how much water refractions shimmer
                      r_water_resolutionmultiplier is "0.5" ["0.5"] multiplier for screen resolution when rendering refracted/reflected scenes, 1 is full quality, lower values are faster
                      r_water_scissormode is "3" ["3"] scissor (1) or cull (2) or both (3) water renders
                      r_wateralpha is "0.2" ["1"] opacity of water polygons
                      r_waterscroll is "1" ["1"] makes water scroll around, value controls how much
                      r_waterwarp is "1" ["1"] warp view while underwater

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                      • Originally posted by Spike View Post
                        for the window border issue, try with these on your commandline:
                        -nowmfullscreen +set vidx_grabkeyboard 1
                        hopefully the combination should allow fte to hide from your window manager, preventing WM bugs from breaking things.
                        (you'll need build 4748 for that first argument to be recognised though, so you might need to update first)
                        Nope. Same problem. I have the latest binary from the site. I did try building from svn but it segfaults when I run it. I'll try the debug version.

                        Sorry for hijacking this thread with DP stuff.

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                        • Don't know if this is meaningful:

                          Binary is located at "/home/david/Downloads/quake/engines/fte/trunk/engine/debug/"
                          Console initialized.
                          Playing registered version.
                          couldn't exec config.cfg
                          FTE build Sep  9 2014
                          Setting mode 1366*768*32*0 OpenGL
                          Using XF86-VidModeExtension Ver. 2.2
                          Window manager "Fluxbox" supports fullscreen
                          libGL: OpenDriver: trying /usr/lib64/xorg/modules/dri/
                          GL_VENDOR: Intel Open Source Technology Center
                          GL_RENDERER: Mesa DRI Intel(R) Sandybridge Mobile
                          GL_VERSION: 3.0 Mesa 9.1.7
                          Video mode 1366x768 initialized.
                          Error: signal SIGSEGV ((nil)):
                          VERTEX_ARRAY_BINDING: 0
                          GL_ARRAY_BUFFER_BINDING: 0
                          GL_INDEX_ARRAY: dis 0:(nil)
                          GL_CURRENT_PROGRAM: 129
                          GL_BLEND: 0
                          GL_BLEND_SRC: GL_ONE
                          GL_BLEND_DST: GL_ZERO
                          GL_DEPTH_WRITEMASK: 0
                          GL_DEPTH_TEST: 1
                          GL_DEPTH_FUNC: GL_LEQUAL
                          GL_CULL_FACE: 0
                          GL_CULL_FACE_MODE: GL_BACK
                          GL_FRONT_FACE: GL_CCW
                          GL_SCISSOR_TEST: 0
                          GL_STENCIL_TEST: 0
                          GL_COLOR_WRITEMASK: 1 1 1 1
                          0: GL_TEXTURE_2D: 1
                          0: GL_TEXTURE_ENV_MODE: GL_MODULATE
                          1: GL_TEXTURE_2D: 0
                          1: GL_TEXTURE_ENV_MODE: GL_MODULATE
                          2: GL_TEXTURE_2D: 0
                          2: GL_TEXTURE_ENV_MODE: GL_MODULATE
                          I can try using gdb if it would help?

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                          • @slackhead Ah I forgot. Yeah you have to have them vised if you don;'t use a shader. That is my bad. DP pretty water has a script shader included. Good call. Yes I knew about the tab feature. You can use that with any command to see all possible cvars. Play around with it til you like what you see.

                            pro tip: If you decide to use a custom shader change r_water_resolutionmultiplier to 0.4 for less frame drop.

                            Surprised Spikes solution didn't work. It must be a recent addition as I didn't know of that commandline cvar. Hope this gets resolved.


                            • Hello,

                              can someone tell me how to enable entities-rendering when noclipping out of map ?
                              It is disabled by default. I am working on new monster behaviours / interactions and need a far viewing distance, best is topdown.
                              In this other engine it is enabled by default, but I want to try it with FTE as well.

                              ... implementing some bork technology.

                              Thank you in advance.


                              • @slackhead
                                generally, running it through valgrind catches the bugs more easily than running it through gdb.
                                debug builds are *meant* to dump out a backtrace before the gl state stuff, I'm not sure why that didn't happen.
                                hopefully valgrind will still report the issue. valgrind rocks.

                                FTE has a cvar that can force the internal fallback shaders to use alternative water effects instead while DP exclusively depends upon external shaders to activate it.
                                the upshot of this is that DP tends to have decent normalmaps instead of trying to make do with one generated from an 8bit texture or whatever. :s

                                sv_nopvs 1
                                if you're going csqc, set the vf_perspective property to 0, set the vf_fov_x and vf_fov_y to the width+height of the view in qu, and then mess with vf_angle and vf_origin to angle the camera and point downwards (use world.mins+world.maxs).
                                this will give you some sort of isometric projection, and is quite good for top-down maps.
                                Some Game Thing