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Determining the direction the player is moving

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  • Determining the direction the player is moving

    Hey guys, it's been a while since i've asked for help on here, but I'm working on changing up animations and I have a question about angles.

    Right now I have a basic change to make the 3rd person cam look more natural, right now I'm using

     vector pang;
     pang = vectoangles(self.velocity);
    And passing that into the _y of the player entity angle to make the player model look in the direction you move, combined with jump and swim anims it really helps.

    I was wondering if there's a way to detect the direction you are moving relative to the player? v_right moves things based on the player camera, but AFAIK there's no way to check if the player is moving in the direction of v_right or -v_right correct? At least I couldn't figure out a way to test the velocity against it. The problem with using velocity directly is that left and right are always a different value based on the player's facing.

    Basically I want to see what direction the player is moving and play unique animations accordingly.
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    behold the power of dotproducts!
    makevectors(self.v_angle); // might have already been done recently enough.
    forward = self.velocity*v_forward;
    right = self.velocity*v_right;
    up = self.velocity*v_up;

    beware of sudden changes when running into walls.
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      To compare two different vectors, you'll want to use the dot product. It is explained fairly well in this thread here:

      To see an example of it in a way closer to your idea, spike gave me some good advice back in the day. Read post #270 on this thread:
      'Replacement Player Models' Project


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        @ Dutch - if you didn't know (maybe you did) you can link directly to that post.

        right click "permalink" in the uppermost right corner of the box for the post and select "copy link target" or whatever comparable option your browser provides. Then simply paste that link.


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          Wow, thanks for the quick responses, I sorta got it working with comparisons to v_forward and a negative value. I just gotta figure out how to compare to v_right so moving diagonally backwards doesn't make the player point forward, I'll play around with it more, and if i have any questions post in here.


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            Thanks for the heads up, I had no'd think after 4 years I would've figured that out by now lol
            'Replacement Player Models' Project