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Setup RCON Password for Q1-Q3 how?

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  • Setup RCON Password for Q1-Q3 how?

    played Quake 1-3 when they where new and haven't touched it since so I forgot a lot of things.
    I have set up three servers in linux using:
    Q1 -> Darkplaces
    Q2 -> Quake2 Pro
    Q3 -> quake3-server
    I am trying to setup a rcon password in my server.cfg (on the server) and in my autoexec.cfg (on the client).
    I have searched here and found stuff pointing to dead links so I'm at a loss.
    What and where do I write on the server?
    What and where do I write on the client?
    Is it the same for the three first Quake games?

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    I think for the server (q1) you just type the below command into your server console.

    rcon_password "yourpassword"

    And in the autoexec you write the exact same thing (but maybe with no quotes)

    If I'm somewhere within 0 and 99% correct it wouldn't be a surprise.

    Really, I would be amazed if it does work cause I'm guessing based on 2 pieces of info. I've seen the cvar rcon_password before and generally setting cvars is as simple as "cvar value" so, the above is just an educated guess based on those info's.
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      Upon giving this more thought I'm not so sure about the autoexec part of my last post. You have to connect before you use the password. Having some arbitrary rcon_password cvar in your autoexec is probably going to do nothing.

      I used to have a handful of server connections bound to various keys. Which one uses the rcon_password (if any)? Of course the answer is none because it's too arbitrary.

      You probably need to bind your connection data to a key and figure out some way to lump the password in with it.

      Can't help you with that. However what I said about the server way is probably right.


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        Oh, that probably explains it then, that you can't have the password in autoexec on the client as it has to be written in after you have connected to the server.
        Kind off makes sense.
        I have not read exactly that anywhere, just "put this in your config" or "write this in the console".
        Do I need the quotes in server.cfg? Or is it just for when you include spaces (which is probably a bad idea anyway)?


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          Another question, you seem like a knowledgeable person, or very good at guessing.
          I am trying to add my servers to but it's not found by that service, only Q3 is.
          Is there any other ports I need to open for stat type of services except for 26000 which the server is running on?


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            I decided to just Google it cause, of course your answers are somewhere.



            You need the quotes. Unless that doesn't work then you don't need the quotes ... lol. In other words, experiment, man! You can figure out the quotes answer yourself in like 5 seconds. You spent 103 characters asking me about 2 characters. Type those 2 characters. If it don't work delete them. I'm not trying to be a jerk although I'm sure I am being one. I like helping people but, I expect those people to make some of their own effort. You can figure out the quotes, bro. It's like I put a puzzle together for you with the exception of two pieces that are shaped identical and you're asking me which piece goes where. Stick a piece in. If it ain't right switch it's spot.

            I literally have no idea and have never even heard of that. Find the gamestate FAQ. Maybe that will tell you something.
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