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Making a large Quake 1 map

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  • Making a large Quake 1 map

    New to the forum, and to Trenchbroom. I know from past DOOM2 level creations, that there are certain rules for creating large maps. I don't know just what these are for Quake 1. For those with some map making experience, that have found what works, and how to get a large map without any problems, I would like to know what to do, and what to avoid. Also, I would like to create a map that works with as many different engines as possible. Thanks in advance!

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    You could compile your map with tyrUtils ~ ericw (click compilers tab) using the bsp2 switch. However, what you want is at odds with itself. You can't have large maps and mass compatibility. If you want large maps your compatibility will be with 3 or so engines. If you want more engines you can't have large maps. That could be argued, though. What is your idea of large? You can pack a lot into the original quake limits if you just fill up the entire allowed area from end to end on all 3 axis. Using teleporters you can "disorient" the player so they never realize they are working their way through a cube. Using some really tricky ent manipulation you could even send players back to an area they were already in but, have it look different due to walls being moved, stairs appearing and leading to something previously unlit, and other such manipulations.

    It's nice to want to support as many engines as possible but there are only 4 that are the most commonly used. Quakespasm, FitzQuake MarkV, FTEQW and Darkplaces. You can check out all of those engines and more here.