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    Hi guys, RRP is finished.

    Here's a link;

    It's a BSP2 (very big) SP map pack featuring 5 levels, 3 of which are massive.

    Contributors were myself, MFX and Hrimfaxi, as well as lots of assets scavenged from around the place, and of course, the Rubicon2 mod by Metlslime and CZG itself.

    I'll update with a better DL link once one exists.

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    WOW! Ok I'm checking these out now! Thx!


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      >AWESOME!! i really love rubicon2 mod downloading!
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        This is only a type of preview for anyone curious what to expect. Does not reflect the RubiconRumblePack, but should give us an idea.
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          i have major problems getting this new pack to work. Can not get it running with Quakespasm (some of the maps) but will run with darkplaces. Both engines allow bsp2. But in darkplaces it has a lot of clipping problems in the outdoor areas. But still mostly been a great experience.


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            Latest QS is required...

            Func_Msgboard: Quakespasm Engine




            Linux users can checkout the svn and build for themselves.

            Changes since the previous r958 test builds from Aug. 08 include:
            FSAA support, fence textures support, brush model drawing speedup,
            better cross-map demo playback support, and increased limits for
            MAX_ENT_LEAFS (32), MAX_EFRAGS (4096) and MAX_CHANNELS (1024).
            For more detailed list of changes see the READE file (or browse the
            svn history.)
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              Hmm.. I got the "latest" from Apparently not updated enough. Thx! Working great now! This is an amazing mod! I'm loving it and now clipping free!


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                Someone post a few screenshots so I can news this.

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                  There are a couple here: In Game Screens image - Rubicon Rumble Pack Mod for Quake - Mod DB


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                    Edit: News'd.

                    Mfx' map looks by far the most impressive (congrats.) The lighting in this pack generally seems too flat with not enough contrast. This might have to do with the overwhelming fog.

                    It would have been a smart move to include the only engine which can play this at the time of release inside the pack or wait with the release until that engine is stable. Also,

                    Linux users can checkout the svn and build for themselves.
                    ... thanks for the consideration.

                    Also, like some said at func already, not a major fan of forced rendering settings etc. in map packs.

                    Having the player telefragged at the start of a map is a creative idea. Not sure if Quake has the means to pull that off convincingly though.

                    Anyway, congrats on the release and thanks for keeping Quake's shambling corpse walking
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                      Regarding linux, if it's any help, I posted an example command - should work on debian / ubuntu - to grab all dependencies and build the engine, here. quoting it:

                      sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev gcc subversion build-essential libvorbis-dev libmad0-dev libogg-dev 
                      svn co svn://[email protected] quakespasm-r980 
                      cd quakespasm-r980/Quake 
                      Everyone feel free to email / pm me if you have any engine issues. I agree it would have been ideal if there was a stable quakespasm release.

                      Agree the lighting is flat in some places. It's definitely a pack that should be played in a dark room, and the higher the contrast ratio on your monitor, the better.

                      edit, that came out wrong... It's a gorgeous looking pack, imho.
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                        The engine isn't included since it would have to be removed from the archive when later updated.

                        While there is a point to be made for usability and archiving, the additional work here is making a separate download - players would still have to install etc.

                        In my experience, once engine coders have a reason to support new mapping features like BSP2 or fence textures, they do so

                        Note that although 2PSB -/+ BSP2 existed, they wasn't much of a testing ground; we hit problems with breaching limits and vanishing entities a lot of the time - thanks to EricW for fixing them

                        As is usual for mod projects, our testing was limited by access to hardware.


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                          i tried your download... as it began to instal.... it said W_LoadWadFile; couldn't load gfx.wad


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                            Originally posted by lentmain View Post
                            i tried your download... as it began to instal.... it said W_LoadWadFile; couldn't load gfx.wad
                            This error usually means that the engine cannot find the pak files.

                            You need pak0.pak and pak1.pak from the full version of Quake. These two pak files have to be inside a folder called id1, which has to be in your Quake folder.


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                              abot quakespasm..

                              both pak0.pak and pak1.pak are in the ID1 folder... The ID1 folder is in my Quake folder... This is on the C: drive...
                              Whats next.?