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    Originally posted by Seven View Post
    Hello bmw850,

    did you even download the file that Blood Vengeance uploaded ?
    It is the wrong file. It is not the successor file to "AOP - The Final Mission v2.0_extended_20140623" that you asked for.
    It only adds "Previous weapon" (impulse 12) support. And has nothing to do with SMC.

    The current/latest Abyss of Pandemonium mod from march 2016 is very different to that one. Go back 1 page to find all details/features and a youtube wip clip as well as some screenshots about it.
    Here is the post with the link to the mod that you requested: click
    And here is the post with the WIP youtube clip: click

    It covers all points/features from Blood Vengenaceīs wish list and some more. Ironically he never posted it on the opening post of this thread.
    But who cares…

    You say you played through original Quake and mission packs with the SMC ?
    Interesting, because I never saw any post of you in the SMC thread.
    Yes, the click & download generation... No need to post anything. Only when a file is down.
    How nice.
    Lol totally forgot to put the link! What an ass I am anyway it's included in the complete pack. I've linked the wrong file, here's the REAL link with the compilation you've made and I've updated first post of the page to include the link as well for those who want to have it separately
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      Hi Seven and BloodVengeance

      I've finally had a chance to get back on the computer and visit the
      forums, I did download and try the first provided link but ofcourse the
      file was not the most current SMC based version, as Seven has noted.

      I will try the latest provided SMC release ASAP. BloodVengeance,
      thankyou again for your efforts in keeping the site, forums and game
      updated and uprated. They are definitely appreciated!

      And Seven, all I can do is thank you also, as I am a very limited
      programmer, all I can do at this minute is provide feedback and enjoy the
      programming talent and nous of the real pro's. I would say alot of us care
      for SMC for the quality work and enormous fun that it is, in fact, we
      could not go back to original quake afterwards!

      You have breathed alot of new life and features into a 20 year old
      classic, that is enjoyed even further than the original, whilst still
      feeling like the source material, like something from the original
      programmers, I.D themselves. SMC's customisation through the .cfg files is
      also a excellent utility for gamers who like to tinker with gameplay
      mechanics and want to uprate the difficulty, but don't yet understand
      QuakeC or decompiling/compiling progs.dat without errors!

      Best regards!


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        All files moved to a single archive that can be download on (link and info on page 1 of this thread)
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          It's me again, the Mark V fanboy.

          I was wondering if you guys were able to provide a small patch file for non-DP players which only address the following from Seven's compilation:

          - Legondīs lightning attack spawns too low
          - Footstep sounds when walking with low speed
          - Nail position correction for nailguns
          - "Previous weapon" (impulse 12) support

          Would be absolutely awesome!
          Authentic Models Pack
          OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
          LIT/VIS files for Quake addons


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            There is some great work here.

            All the floor/wall/ceiling textures are replaced and this looks great. You've got pretty water and effects.

            However, the new weapons have low resolution textures that really stick out compared to the HD textures for stock weapons.

            Has anyone else made weapons textures for the 3 AoP weapons, or would they be willing to make some?

            Likewise, Pringlesman made fantastic Blud and Grenling textures. But I'd love to see nicer or alternate textures for a few of the other AoP monsters as well.


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              i have the aop source,but the qv file names are strange.
              Dude,lets party!
              Bring some food and drink.I got Arcane Dimensions 2.666!?!


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                [email protected]
                Dude,lets party!
                Bring some food and drink.I got Arcane Dimensions 2.666!?!


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                  Originally posted by ijazz View Post
                  i have the aop source,but the qv file names are strange.
                  I tried to use diff to compare the AOP source to vanilla Quake 1.06 source to see what was changed. However, there are style differences with line breaks, tabs, brackets, etc. that mean pretty much every line of code looks different and I can't produce a reasonable patch/diff.

                  I was going to try and create an updated effects add-on, or maybe even a SMC port for AOP but at a glance it looks like it would be a major pain.


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                    Omfg.......metamorphosis on used (without asking permission) contents from AoP reforged for his AoP Epsilon.....what a mess! First map don't have rtlights (he said he "improved" my rtlights), I hope he fixes that bug soon...
                    Last edited by Blood Vengeance; 02-07-2017, 06:01 PM.
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                      erf frigging a-holes with their stupid 'amazing compilations' who are only interested in getting praised into the heavens for the hard work that others did

                      poster: "check it out, i made this awesome thing!"

                      commenter: 'wooo, you're the best, person who clearly made all of this and totally didnt steal other peoples work!'
                      are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                      > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                      everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


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                        Dead and buried
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