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    No idea, I haven't played BB yet.
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      We may have a problem with Seven's QC code in this mod/fix. It seems it's generating an infinite amount of edicts while Chthulu dies. Darkplaces compensates this by assigning as many edicts as needed, but other engines like Mark V have limits and eventually run out of edicts. DP is just "lucky" if you have enough memory until Chthulu is gone, otherwise I guess it would crash, too.

      8192 (Mark V limit) is a very high edicts value, and even most modern maps usually need half of it at max. If that is not enough for an addon from 1997, then something isn't right. 640 was the limit for edicts back then, and it should work with that.

      Seven, please review your code if you can to make your fixes work with non-DP ports (which was the idea in the first place). Please with sugar on top (imagine plush eyes here)! *.*
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        I just did a quick investigation it has the same problem in Quakespasm as well and instantly runs out of edicts and it has an identically high limit --- no doubt all the vanilla-like engines will have same issue.

        Was fun to play a bit of Beyond Belief again to check it out.

        /If someone was going to post my "guess" from a description of the problem, I sure wanted to double-check and make sure my guess was right. Anyway, I'm more base mappy/custom monster-like in my single player tastes ... but wanted to make sure my guess was right ... Baker sneaks out.
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          Yepp, should have mentioned this was Baker's assumption, not mine. Sorry for that! I just guessed it had something to do with insufficient amount of edicts.
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            extensions for Beyond Belief

            Originally posted by

            Seven made beautiful extensions for Beyond Belief that adds bugfixes, particles flames and more, you can check this thread for detailed info and screenshots [url

            download link here: -
            Please reupload dead link.



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              Hi BV, the rtlights link is broken.


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