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  • Is the next version going to be for darkplaces only? Or any chance it will be compatible with quakespasm too?


    • I'm utilizing darkplaces attachment system for the third person weapons so I didn't have to go through the trouble of reanimating the player model with all of them, and I'm using some md3s, combined with the fact that right now it's a fork of seven's SMC.

      So the short answer, not the next release.

      Once i finish the first mod version I would like to port everything I've done over to vanilla code so it'll work on other engines as well


      • Is the current version already compatible with Arcane Dimensions? or is it a seperate patch? If not, will it be compatible in the next release?


        • I know its been a while since anything seems to have happened here but did things like the higher res exploding boxes and enforcer remodel and the like make it into the pack? It would not run in quakespasm for me and I found none of those things when looking within the file itself.

          (I DLed the file on the opening post is this the wrong file or is it just that none of these updates have ever got released?


          • Not yet, some of those things i had made for the mod version

            Speaking of, the ModDB page is up for it


            It's gonna feature a lot of map additions/changes, and new maps with boss enemies for ep2 and ep3


            • Good to know you're still working on this bloodshot. It looks out of this world. I like that it's not all that ott retexturing deal. Just new features for classic quake. It's satisfyingly nostalgic but feature heavy! Still it seems like nothing that will "break the bank" of classic maps too... Just found out that this is dp only so as a quakespasm limited player I'm a little disappointed. But that's my problem not yours! Lol still doesn't stop me from appreciating or praising what is clearly a labour of love and is going to make its mark on the history of this game we all love... Look forward to seeing more soon!

              Oh, and it's a funny thing, your mod being called quake 1.5... the working title of my mod, descent into heresy, was quake 0.5! Lol!
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              • The Darkplaces only thing was a bit of a byproduct of me using it to learn QuakeC and not realizing at the time how many people didn't like darkplaces. Eventually I'll make a port to QS but I'm gonna have to rewrite most of the mod, create a different blood system not using decals (I have a few plans for it) and I might base it off AD directly since I ported a lot of features from AD anyway

                Made the AD drips have a spawnflag that turns them into rain


                Added in a lives system as an optional coop gamemode - server hosts can set the amount of lives from the console (default 3) and once all players are dead you restart the level with the equipment you entered it with

                Megahealth will give all players an extra life so you might wanna save it for a pinch now