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  • eyeless minotaur

    I loved the new monsters in AD but the blue glowing eyes of the minotar didn't asthetically jive for me personally. So I made a tiny change to the skin and made him eyeless, basically because blind giants creep my shit out.

    anyway heres a screenshot.

    Download skin here

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    That looks really cool. The subtle change definitely does make it look creepier and more monstrous. Are the projectiles still bright blue?

    Plan on changing any of the other skins? Personally, I think the golem could have used a new skin to make it look creepier and more fitting for quake. It just seemed too clean.


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      Yeah the only thing I changed was the texture I uploaded here. I'll check in on the golem, but I didn't recall him looking out of place.

      I have a few other subtle ideas but the mod is so cherry I don't feel there's much texture work I can improve on. It would just be me trying to stick my hoofprints in it.


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        I just thought the golem looked a little too clean and pretty much exactly like his hexen origins. I felt he could have done with more of a makeover. Perhaps if he looked like he was made of one of the quake stone textures.

        btw, which file would I replace to get the minotaur in the game?


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          What I do is open the .mdl of the minotaur in the progs directory with QME (quake model editor) and then i imported the texture and just hit save. Make a backup of that .mdl just to be safe


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            any chance you can upload a simple "plug n play" version?


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              So I made a tiny change to the skin and made him eyeless
              Wow nice idea, maybe make the eye sockets black with blood pouring out the sides, like the eyes have been gouged out! The monster is very much a lanky Shambler. I love the animations for the claws, very primal and basic!