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Q2048: famous game remake on Quake engine

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  • Q2048: famous game remake on Quake engine

    This is my tiny mod made in anticipation of Quake's 20th anniversary.

    Tested (primarly) on DarkPlaces and QuakeSpasm.

    Use arrow keys for movement, R to restart a game, Q to center a player.

    How to start: unpack "q2048" folder to Quake's one, execute your quake.exe with parameter -game q2048, i.e.:

    quakespasm -game q2048

    Known bugs: q2048 algorithm is not 100% the same as in the original game (>90% although). Maximum block is 16384.



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    I tried it out and I think you need to display a message to the player that you are required to look down when the map loads, otherwise you are going to get a lot of people just looking around at darkness then quitting out.

    Also what's the game's rule set?
    It's a 4x4 board and you slide the (monster) pieces around but to what end?

    Maybe stick a trigger_once on the info_player when you spawn, have it target a couple (three, four, however many it takes) target_relays, set the delay times on the relays so that one sentence follows another and inform the player what the deal is.

    I'm sure it works great once you know what you are doing.
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      Thank you, updated README with link to the original game, so if you are unfamiliar with the game concept, please try that first.

      Also added automatic "look down" upon client connection. Much better now


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        Hello jhspetersson,

        I do not know the original q2048 game, so I did not know what to do.
        But cool to see what you did and that Quake can be used for anything

        Best wishes,


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          I don't think this really works in FTE but it's broken funny. Load it up in FTE and keep pressing R.

          Or maybe it does work? What the fuck are you supposed to do? Fuck it, just pressing R is kinda fun.

          note: it's really dark. You need some lights.

          I pounded the snot out of the original
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            Mod updated with a new stylish default map by Scrama. Best played with QuakeSpasm. Enjoy

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              This is a fun little mod, I enjoyed playing it! May i suggest a couple small reworks?

              I was thinking perhaps a closer perspective for the player? Bring the player camera down a bit, lock the movement so the player can look around freely but not be able to move from his spot (maybe since the gun can't be seen anyway, turn it to the axe so you can't shoot the enemies?) and turn the perspective in front of the monsters so we can see them from the front. Sort of similar to the image I snapped below:

              The overhead perspective matches what is done in 2048, but it's a little hard to see what you're doing from so far.

              Also, It might be a lot of work but a score at the end or at least a tally of your monsters.

              Other than that, I think maybe some sounds for when the creatures morph and/or move on the board might be good too. =)

              Great job on this, I really dig it!
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