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  • Seven
    started a topic Animated HUD textures + models

    Animated HUD textures + models


    This mod adds customizable animated HUD textures and models to Quake.
    You can either use it to add only a small amount of effects (see youtube clip below)
    or make your HUD fully customizable via .txt script like the ezQuake engine for example.

    The included qc covers a big amount of effect/animation features that can be used for
    all the other HUD items/textures/models. A lot more things can be done/added.

    The mod is ready to go as it is shown in the youtube clip. You can select different effects
    for each item via cvars inside the autoexec.cfg file. It also adds a new pickable map item:
    the "mini-player" as a gimmick. I placed it as an example into the start map.

    The mod uses by default some math calculations and qc tricks to always place the items
    and models on the same HUD spots. Independent to your used FOV value. It covers FOV values
    between approx. 85 and 120. If you use different FOV or want them on other positions, you can
    use cvars to adjust them to your personal likings.

    In all my calculations, I based on a Full-HD resolution (16:9, aka 1.777:1) as this is
    as far as I can tell the most used monitor resolution nowadays. Anyhow, you can adjust
    the values via cvars if they do not fit your screen. Please also read the autoexec.cfg
    and qc comments to know more about it.
    I included original qc source and the mods qc source. So, when using a diff tool you can better
    see the modifications.

    I spent most development time on the biosuit visor effect, as I always wanted to have a real
    visible animated biosuit visor when picking up the suit item. It also includes a gfx counter
    to better see when the powerup runs out.

    All models / replacements can be used for the effects. There is no restriction. I decided to use
    original Quake ones in the youtube clip and in the mod download itself.

    Please watch and enjoy the small youtube clip in fullscreen with a high resolution to see all details.
    So you do not need to buy the pig in a poke. And know what to expect.
    If you are interested, please find the download link below.

    Have fun,


    Last edited by Seven; 05-21-2016, 05:47 AM. Reason: Update to v1.1

  • Seven
    Hello Dutch,

    I think you're mistaking me for someone else. I am Seven, the one with the small mods…
    I do not rate myself among the best modders. By far not.
    I get things done somehow, yes. But not always the smartest way I am afraid.

    Without the amazing engine devs we would be nothing. Engine devs are the ones who make things possible for us modders. We only use their features / extensions.

    The early release of the gamecode and engine source was the reason for the huge Quake modding scene success.
    There is not much that has not been modded for Quake the last 20 years. New ideas are rare, as there have been so many already.

    Looking at other / newer games is what brings most new Quake modding ideas on the table. And thanks to the amazing engine devs, most of them can be adapted into Quake nowadays.

    And that is exactly what I am trying to do with the SMC and all the other small things I have been working on.

    Thank you very much for your kind words.

    Kind regards,

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  • Dutch
    Wow, nice job Seven!

    Have you considered re-purposing most of your work into an actual game independent of Quake? It looks like a lot of the work is already done across your mods, it would almost be a matter of connecting everything together.

    Take your biosuit visor for example. It could be the standard HUD view for a futuristic shooter. All of your particle and fire effects, the new monsters, everything.

    The average player may be more willing to participate if all of your great features are packaged as their own thing, with a simple download. You have some awesome skills sir, it would be interesting to see what you could create outside of Quake given your determination and attention to detail.

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  • Henry
    Me like!
    That is truly unique.
    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    Now we only need a new breathing sound when wearing the scuba mask.
    The water droplets look really nice.

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  • Seven

    Updated the mod to v1.1.
    Link can be found in 1st post of this thread.

    Changes in v1.1:
    • Now both key models (silver / gold) always spin synchronously. Independent to pickup time/place.
    • Cvar "HUD_spinning_bottom_model_manual_z_position" is working properly now.
    • Using cheats will no longer spawn multiple models/textures.

    Kind regards,

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  • Blood Vengeance
    Also in my opinion the biosuit visor (beautiful effect) reminds me of the brutal doom hud visor

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  • R00k
    Holy Sh!t that biosuit is cool! Man, i need to just start working in DarkPlaces!

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  • gdiddy62
    Please release all of your ideas Seven...PLEASE!
    Consider for a moment that there are still some who enjoy your work, and that perhaps in the future there will be more who finally jump on board to enjoy your great work.
    I would also hope you create for the sheer joy you get for yourself and creating.

    Best wishes!

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  • Alfader
    Wow!! Beautifil work Seven

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  • Seven

    Thank you very much for your feedback.

    Yes, the water drops were the main reason for the whole biosuit idea
    Unfortunately they are not a 100% real animation like realistic waterdrops running down a glass.
    But it gets the visual done and is good enough for the short effect I think.
    Overall I am quite satisfied with the visor as a whole.

    Sometimes I think if it is a blessing or a curse.
    Small mods like this one do not have a chance to survive alone. The question for integrating into the SMC is always present.
    This is a little sad as the SMC became too huge for the regular Quake player. I know that. People went to dislike it more than they like it in the meantime. And that leads to unnoticed SMC update after update.
    That almost makes no sense to continue working on it, as people like it or hate it. There is almost nothing in between.

    Even you, as one that knows it quite good seem to didnt notice, that the CSQC HUD that you are refering to, found its way in an extended version into SMC since Ver.5.30. It even brings different layouts, new item features, new textures, etc. with it and nobody noticed it (as described above).
    Simply because the SMC as a whole became too big...

    I already have Ver.5.40 done since some time, introducing the new Necromancer monster type, but I struggle with myself to release it. But if I release the Necromancer as a single mod alone, it will most probably not be used as well. So it is cursed...

    I still have fun doing some modifications for Quake and want to share it with those who are interested. But it gets more and more complicated. Maybe its just me.

    Thanks to everyone for your feedback here and at youtube. It is highly appreciated !
    I will try my very best to continue to bring some variation and mods to Quake.

    All the Best and have a great weekend everybody !

    Kind regards,

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  • talisa
    awesome! love the biosuit texture, reminds me a lot of the ultimate doom visor,
    which adds a similar hud of the doom-guys inner-helmet
    Ultimate DoomVisor HUD v1.84 addon - Mod DB

    the animated models and overlay effects are also awesome!
    been wanting to have 3D models on hud for a long time

    would love to see this combined with the custom CSQC hud from nahuel & _smith_
    & the QC merged into your Small Mod Compilation

    so that it can be used with SMC and also to have the compass & custom layouts from the CSQC hud from nahuel & smith available

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  • gdiddy62
    Awesome !

    Thanks Seven!

    Loving the biosuit effect, especially the water droplets!

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  • gnounc
    Nice work Seven!

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