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DP transparent HUD numbers and menu replacments

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  • DP transparent HUD numbers and menu replacments

    Hi folks,
    just wanted to share some stuff i made for the transparent HUD in DP and some new menus. Playing nehahra, i noticed that the main-menu is missing one menu-item (from the transparent HUD), so i made an extra version for it.

    There are two versions, with different source of light and sligthly different texture, i couldn't decide which one i like more.
    The agony of choice is yours.

    Idea was to have it more rusty and rotten.
    I also was always irritated by the fact that the line-height of neither the original nor the custom menus was done exactly, rectified that.

    Preview here
    Download the archive here

    Next thing to come will be the plates of the menus.

    I hope you like it, have fun,

    UPDATE 19-06.2017: Download Links refreshed
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