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Better models for Pentagram and Quake Damage

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  • Better models for Pentagram and Quake Damage

    Just found these two lying around on my HDD, thought I should share them with you guys.

    I made these with MilkShape 3D back in 2010, these models are not exactly authentic, but smooth rune like interpretations. I don't remember the exact polycount anymore, but it should be only slightly higher than the originals, since the originals were made with really bad technology and there were tons of hidden polygons inside the models. My models are the same size as the originals, same model format, should work even with DOS Quake if you want to. Anyway, see the pics:

    Here's the download link.

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    Nice! They maybe could use a little more thickness but they already look good as they are. Should be included in NightFright's Authentic Model Improvement compilation IMHO.
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      I was just thinking that they could be used in the AMI mod. They look really good!
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