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Enhanced Sounds for Quake

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  • Enhanced Sounds for Quake

    Enhanced sounds for quake.

    I love playing Quake. All the tunes of the guns and monsters in it are now stuck in my head for a long time. Thought that, what the hell, i might aswell HD those sounds. People like HD.

    Features are simple enough.
    • All the sounds remastered to 44100hz.
    • Some sounds completely changed.
    • Every single sound in the game is either remastered or changed.

    Singleplayer version is out now.

    Excuse the quality, i dont have any good software and my pc itself cant record for shit. Audio quality on the video however is very good.

    Everything you need to know is in the readme. - Free File Hosting
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    Sounds interesting. I only play single player so I'll hold off until you release that stuff. Now, if only we had a great source port (not DP) that supported 5.1, too.
    I got the phone call at 4 a.m.


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      I would reccomend you some, but all of the sourceports are cancer in atleast some way.

      DirectQ for example. Very potent engine that does great things and has very good perfomance. Too bad that all of its releases have atleast some bug in it, like sinking into the world and sounds not looping.

      Darkplaces is not ethical, it has this weird viewbob and it just feels away from quake.

      Original quake engines are ass. Slow n buggy an shit.

      I personally use DirectQ though. I like how the viewmodel fov is separate from the normal fov.


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