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Copper Quake v1.0 is out

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  • Copper Quake v1.0 is out

    Lunaran and Scampie have teamed up for an amazing new SP mod for Quake. Much more detailed info in the link but a short description is here:

    A summary, if you'd like to just get the broad strokes and go play:
    • Weapons fire is not blocked by monsters in death animations
    • Ring of Shadows makes enemies less accurate in combat
    • Vore missiles have a less-than-perfect turn rate
    • Ogres are 'partially' Z-aware
    • Zombie edge cases are fixed
    • Armor protection is proportional to current quantity
    • Nightmare skill is 50 max HP instead of turret-monsters
    The companion episode Underdark Overbright is AAA stellar and displays the new features well. This is a "stop-what-you-are-doing-right-now-and-go-play-it" release!

    This post and even the website doesn't do it justice. Go play it!
    Secret Level - Quake fandom & my custom levels

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    Copper has been updated to 1.05

    Important bug fixes and small tweaks to the mod and it's companion episode Overdark Underbright.
    Secret Level - Quake fandom & my custom levels


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