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progs_dump_devkit Version 1.1.0

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  • progs_dump_devkit Version 1.1.0

    The new version of progs_dump is here. Designed to give mappers more visual effects, game play options and quality of life features while retaining the look and feel of vanilla Quake. This is a massive release compared to version 1. It's thoroughly documented and has been tested over and over. Some highlights include:

    *visual effects like particles, sparks, lasers and lightning
    *pain_targets that fire when a monster reaches a certain health level
    *c0burn's switchable light styles and fading light effects
    *trap_spikeshooter now shoots lavaballs, voreballs, rockets and more
    *Rubicon2's "retriggerable" spawnflag and custom sounds to func_train
    *ladders and two varieties of breakables
    *various Hipnotic and Rogue entities like func_counter and earthquakes
    and much, much more.

    You can download it from the Internet Archive or from Quaketastic

    Screenshot 1
    Screenshot 2
    Screenshot 3
    Screenshot 4


    Thanks to Qmaster, RennyC, c0burn, Spike and many others who helped me create this devkit. Enjoy!
    Secret Level - Quake fandom & my custom levels

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    I'm not sure how map screenshots indicate anything regarding code but, the below is for everyone that doesn't want to cycle through links and manage extra browser tabs just to look at a few pics.

    edit: the images were huge so I restyled them to be smaller, placed them in a grid and changed the labels to "tool tips"

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      Thanks? It was a copy and paste at 1:30am. Sorry for falling short.
      Secret Level - Quake fandom & my custom levels


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        Thanks MG, I could be wrong but I'm guessing it was probably the various lighting options available that were being highlighted ? Let's hope that some of this creativity finds it's way in to something grand like a new Arcane Dimensions. Keep up the good work DS but maybe not at 1:30am

        Kind regards
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          The screenshots are of the sample levels that display certain things like particle effects, suspended items etc. So yeah, actually has everything to do with code. The sample maps are there for reference for all the "new" entities and the hub level (shot 2) is nice way to explore everything. Screenshots are mandatory in the 21st century. Next time I'll put them inline.
          Secret Level - Quake fandom & my custom levels


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            progs_dump Version 1.1.2 is live

            Download it

            This release includes a new sample map *pd_lightning*, that displays the lightning trap entities in more detail in addition to the trap_shooter_triggered entity.

            Here's the changelog:

            * Added newflags.qc (iw)
            * Added new spawnflags (iw)
            4096 Not in Coop
            8192 Not in Single Player
            32768 Not on Hard Only
            65536 Not on Nightmare Only
            * Fixed collision issues in trap_shooter, trap_spikeshooter, trap_switched_shooter
            * Added workaround for if(string) engine bug (iw)
            * Added function SUB_UseAndForgetTargets() to subs.qc (iw)
            * Fixed sight_target firing targets multiple times (iw)
            * Fixed pain_target not using targetname2/3/4 (iw)
            * Fixed messages not displaying with sight_trigger (iw)
            * Make weapons fire their targets in Coop and DM2 modes (iw)
            * Prevent keys firing multiple targets multiple times in Coop (iw)
            * Fixes to func_bob (iw)
            * Fixed messages not displaying with func_counter (iw)
            * Fixed "delay" making func_counter not work (iw)
            * Added SUB_DislodgeRestingEntities to subs.qc (iw)
            * Fixed func_breakable debris sometimes floating (iw)
            * Added pd_lightning demo map
            * Fixed func_laser audio issue when used with func_counter
            * Added GNU License and source to my_mod directory

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            Secret Level - Quake fandom & my custom levels


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              New video on progs_dump v112
              Secret Level - Quake fandom & my custom levels