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  • Quake HD - new compilation - ready to go

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    Remove IMMEDIATELY all the content you've stolen from me (Stuff for Abyss of Pandemonium, Beyond Belief etc...) for this awful "compilation" (Worst than Epsilon). 1) You didn't ask 2) I wouldn't have given it to you anyway 3) All these Quake HD compilation should disappear from the web forever. I recognize some stuff made by Talisa, and I'm sure that she will not be happy for this (just sent her a PM on nextgenquake)
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      I always find this argument entertaining ... "Here are my free unlicensed, uncopyrighted, and legally 'ownerless' textures." ~ "You can't use my free and unlicensed textures that I have no legally binding claims to."

      Not only can he use them, he could pay a few bucks, gain legal ownership and stop YOU from using YOUR textures.

      There's another problem. Your textures are all derivative works and there are a bunch of extra laws that apply to such. You potentially can't license them, or at least not in any way that you wish.

      You can't steal something that has no owner. Nobody currently owns your derivative textures no matter how much you feel like you should. This is the entire point of a license. I dump a gpl license in the header comment of almost every class I write. The license states that anyone can use it for whatever they want and I'm not responsible for anything. In my case the license is not for ownership. It's included so you auto-agree to 'at-your-own-risk' usage... including usage that puts others at risk. Go buy a license for your work or find a free one that gets you as close as it can to the restrictions you want. Then include that license in every texture pack you make. If you haven't already, go change all the meta data in the images to reflect everything applicable. In other words if you check the properties of the image it should list you as the author, the proper date, your license if that field is available, etc...

      As it stands right now. I could claim EVERYTHING you have ever made, sell it and there isn't a damn thing you could do about it. I could do this LEGALLY because you haven't. This isn't a threat. It's a wake up call. You have to actually own something to claim it as property. Ownership and "b-but I made those" are not the same thing.
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        I'm not talking about the textures, anyway in these "compilations" you find work by basically everyone and no credits. Taking the work of others and removing the included readme is something awful.
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          People work long hours to make mods for games. Because it is derivative work, they can't ask for money for their efforts. All they can claim is credit for the work they have done - "I made this". Recognition from the gaming community.

          Removing credits and claiming it all as your own is an ultra dick move.

          Also, why has he posted it twice?