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Abyss Of Pandemonium v2.0 Improved Edition (2019)

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  • Abyss Of Pandemonium v2.0 Improved Edition (2019)

    Greetings, everyone!

    I remember myself enjoying to play AOP as it really felt like a continuation of Quake's story and had some unique features which fit quite well into the world of Quake.

    There were some things I wanted to improve and polish while playing this mission pack and now most of this stuff has finally been implemented.

    So, let me introduce you a very useful patch created by me and Seven for Abyss Of Pandemonium The Final Mission v2.0.


    The following bugs have been fixed:

    -Legond's lightning attack spawns from wrong position (too low), now it spawns right from the
    hand of Legond as she commits a lightning attack

    -Dog is partially stuck in the wall near the exit area of aop1m2.bsp map (Core Reactor),
    now the dog stands near the wall and does not touch it

    -Hovering box with shotgun shells at aop1m3.bsp map (The Power Station), now the box stands on the floor

    -Knight spawns behind the player and stucks in the ceiling at skill 3 at aop1m5.bsp map (The Dark Palace),
    now it spawns in a proper place and does not get stuck

    -Two death knights are improperly placed at aop1m5.bsp map (The Dark Palace). The first one spawns at the same place
    and time as the ogre once you press all 4 buttons after falling into basement and both these enemies telefrag one
    another upon their spawn. The second one teleports into the super shotgun area when you have already passed half of
    the map and you have to go all the way back into that area in order to kill this guy for the sake of 100% kills.
    If you step into the teleporter to the final part of the map you won't be able to go back and kill that guy.
    The decision was made to remove those two death knights

    -aop1m1.bsp map (Gates of Abyss) was missing soundtrack, now it uses impel music track #11

    -aop1m2.bsp map (Core Reactor) was missing soundtrack, now it uses impel music track #2

    -aopdm2.bsp map (Runic Raging) was missing soundtrack, now it uses impel music track #2

    -aopdm3.bsp map (Mental Overlord) was missing soundtrack, now it uses impel music track #11

    -aopdm4.bsp map (Mental Overlord II) was missing soundtrack, now it uses impel music track #6

    -Grammatically incorrect message "Hell passage is save now" occurred at
    start.bsp map (Enter the Abyss), now the message says "Hell passage is safe now"

    -There was half of the ending text missing when exiting aop1m6.bsp map (The Forgotten One).
    It turned out there was only half of the ending text inside of client.qc from AOP v2.0 source code provided by Seven.
    Now there is a full ending text displayed when exiting aop1m6.bsp map (The Forgotten One)

    -There was half of the ending text missing when exiting aopend.bsp map (Legonds of Quake).
    It turned out there was only half of the ending text inside of client.qc from AOP v2.0 source code provided by Seven.
    Now there is a full ending text displayed when exiting aopend.bsp map (Legonds of Quake)


    The following features and tweaks have been added:

    -Added different looking Lightning Enforcer to make him better
    distinguishable from regular Enforcer

    -Created and added new skin for world model of Napalm Gun to make it better
    distinguishable from regular Grenade Launcher

    -Added footstep sounds when walking with low speed or velocity

    -Added "Previous Weapon" (impulse 12) support

    -Added name "Iron Fury" to aopdm6.bsp map since that map didn't have any name

    -Added more ammo boxes to aop1m1.bsp map (Gates of Abyss)

    -Added more ammo boxes to aop1m2.bsp map (Core Reactor)

    -Added more ammo boxes to aop1m3.bsp map (The Power Station)

    -Added more ammo boxes to aop1m4.bsp map (Temple of Moon)

    -Added more ammo boxes to aop1m5.bsp map (The Dark Palace)

    -Added more ammo boxes to aop1m6.bsp map (The Forgotten One)

    -Added more ammo boxes to aop2m1.bsp map (Heresy)

    -Added more ammo boxes to aop2m2.bsp map (Carnage Castle)

    -Added more ammo boxes to aop2m3.bsp map (Central Complex)

    -Added more ammo boxes to aopend.bsp map (Legonds of Quake)



    Pak5.pak contains :


    There are also 3 custom icons included to use with game's shortcut and AOP official soundtrack (.mp3 format) to use with Mark V or QuakeSpasm.
    The soundtrack from quaddicted is in .ogg format only so decided to convert it to .mp3.



    1997-2005 by Impel Team
    2008 by Resurrection Team
    2019 by 0V3RDR!VE & Seven

    progs.dat stuff adding, editing and compiling. .ent files editing and testing.
    Repositioning or removing entities. Assigning missing music tracks and names to
    the maps. Adding full ending texts to the source code provided by Seven. Fixing
    grammaticaly incorrect message. Creating custom skin.

    Adding features into source code and cleaning it from bugs found. Providing
    features and fixes used in his own project "AOP - The Final Mission v2.0 extended_20160330.rar"



    1) An engine port which provides external .ent files support (e.g. Mark V or QuakeSpasm)

    Mark V v1.99 (Revision #4) Download Link:

    QuakeSpasm v0.93.2 Download Link:

    2) Abyss Of Pandemonium The Final Mission v2.0 itself

    Abyss Of Pandemonium The Final Mission v2.0 Download Link:



    1) Create a folder called "Impel" in your quake directory and unpack all the files from into it

    2) Download our patch and unpack all the contents of the archive into Impel directory

    3) Use shortcut or .bat file (both of which must be created by you) to launch the AOP

    For example, If you use Mark V the launch parameters should be like this:

    Mark_V.exe -game Impel -particles 8000

    P.S. -particles 8000 is necessary because there is a huge amount of pixel particles used by exit teleporter at aop2m3 (Central Complex)
    and playing this map with default value will simply remove grenade/rocket pixel trails from your grenade/rocket launcher.

    That's a bug from original developers.

    In conclusion, I would recommend to play this mission pack on "nightmare" difficulty (it's called "hell" in AOP)


    Patch For Abyss Of Pandemonium v2.0 (12.12.2019) Download Link:

    In russian language "скачать" means "download"
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    Well done and thank you to both of you. I'm currently hooked on Arcane Dimensions but I'll have to give AOP a go

    Kind regards
    WWW: Quake Terminus , QuakeVoid You Tube: QuakeVoid

    News: Sadly the excellent site will be closing shortly. RIP NGQ, you will be missed


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      Hey I remember getting AOP as a kid when it first came out, I was super excited about it!

      Look at this... bet there arent too many of these in the world anymore..

      Are you one of the original developers of the mission pack? If so ..its so awesome you have stuck around in the quake scene for so long and still care about your work 20 years later. Your work was part of my childhood and one of the reasons i got into maps and mods, and I still play quake to this day.
      I had so much fun with AOP, some reviews that you can see online thought it wasn't that good but I thought it was super fun! super underrated. The new weapons were so fun and imaginative, and it had lots of cool maps and monsters. Temple of the moon blew my mind when i first saw it. I still love it!

      BTW, I recognize the "Evolve" logo you have, I think i remember it from somewhere, ... perhaps some quake 2 mission pack.. were you involved in that as well?

      I would love to hear the backstory about all this stuff and have a chat with you,

      Would love to hear from you, all the best,


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        Thank you guys for your positive respond, it's a pleasure to hear it from you.

        No, I'm no way an original developer of AOP, I'm just a passionate enthusiast who is excited about this game just as you Alex.

        I truly consider AOP being an unofficial Mission Pack #3 for Quake and therefore wanted it to be as bug free as possible.
        I tried to refurbish it using all my little knowledge in order to make it as worth as 2 official mission packs.

        So the patch I presented is the the outcome of that attempt.

        Are you considering to sell your original copy of Abyss Of Pandemonium sometime on eBay?

        Regarding my "EVOLVE" avatar... I'm a big fan of Zaero Add-On Pack For Quake 2 and own an original US boxed version
        of the game which was released with 28 page user manual. EVOLVE team did an astonishing job on creating this so called "Mission Pack #3"
        for Quake 2 and I really loved it.

        BTW, Alex, take a look at my self made front cover and inlay for CD regarding Abyss Of Pandemonium v2.0.
        I burned my tweaked version of AOP v2.0 onto CD just for the sake of my old games collection




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          I also printed official user manual and the story from a long ago shut down website.



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            Oh thats awesome dude, I love quake 2 and all the missions packs including Zaero.
            Q2 still has some singleplayer mappers too this day, although its no where near as active as quake.

            Id love to chat with you more about q and q2 mission packs,

            Feel free to add me on discord APM#5097
            and drop me a message in chat.

            Have a good one,


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              Thanks, Alex. I would like to chat with you regarding Quake too but I don't use discord. You may send me the link to your Facebook account (if you have one) and we may continue our chat there, via private messages.

              Best regards


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                not really a facebook kinda guy, tho i do use WhatsApp, do u use this?

                Ill send u a PM with my WA,

                Thanks, All the best!


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                  Hello, Alex. Unfortunately I don't use any messengers.

                  All I can suggest you is to chat via Facebook or sending private messages here.

                  I hope you understand.

                  My best regards.


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                    Originally posted by apm View Post

                    Look at this... bet there arent too many of these in the world anymore..

                    Nice one! I used to check Ebay on a regular basis back in the day for one of those


                    Moon[Drunk]'s Quake Graphics
                    Quake Revitalization/Retexturing Project