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Abyss Of Pandemonium v2.0 Improved Edition (2019)

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    By pure chance I actually just finished what must be my 2nd or 3rd replay of the addon by now. In spite of its age, it's still a pretty solid experience. The new textures guarantee an original look that sets the whole thing apart from the classic id episodes and gameflow is good, also not overly hard.

    I admit I never use the new weapons that much since they act a bit unpredictably, especially that napalm grenade launcher and the lightning gun prototype. The laser system is useful sometimes against Shamblers. Are there more than two upgrade levels for it? Asking since I never find all secrets and wonder if there is a hidden upgrade to bring it to level 3.

    Anyway, great to get some insights into the development process after all these years! Teams often used to disappear after projects like this and members are never heard of ever again. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge and experiences here, Ryan. It is highly appreciated. You and the rest of your team can be proud of what you have accomplished. AoP may not be the greatest Quake modification of all times, but it's still enjoyable these days and an important part of Quake's early modding history.

    PS: A pity about that X-Files TC that never came to be. I would have been highly interested in such a thing, even nowadays.
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      The Laser system has 3 different levels

      level 1 - 3 spread projectiles
      level 2 - projectiles that zig-zag at short range before going straight at long range, these will send the enemy flying back and do not destroy when contacting enemies, meaning if you can line up enemies in a row it will damage multiple enemies behind the front one
      level 3 - dual projectiles that go straight and rapidly fire 3x in succession before a short downtime, the damage on this is excessive, absolutely the most powerful weapon in the game for damage-per-second, but the ammo cost is high, it can take down the largest enemies with relative ease

      From memory there are 4 opportunities to collect the laser weapon in the second chapter although some are well hidden, 2 are provided in the final level so that if you missed one earlier on you can still get to level 3. If you have level 3 and a full backpack of ammo, the damage of the level 3 laser is so high the final boss is killed very quickly. If anyone was to speed run the game, this would probably be the best method to shorten the final boss encounter.

      Also the reasons behind why the Laser system doesn't have a weapon model is still quite of a mystery to me, we had a model at one stage that suited the firing style of level 1 and 2, I felt it was adequate enough and one of the modellers could have done a quick modification to suit level 3, weapons only have about 10-20 key frames of animation so it's not as work-intensive as an enemy model. But then I was told to remove the model all together and call it 'shoulder mounted', I thought it was going a bit far to skimp on weapon models but perhaps the decision was also driven by the looming deadlines.

      Thanks for your kind words. Yeah I felt the X-files concept was very appealing, especially because the storytelling aspect of 3D shooters was in its infancy, I thought a mod featuring more heavily on story and character development would be very unique.
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