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After The Fall (2020 Update)

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    started a topic After The Fall (2020 Update)

    After The Fall (2020 Update)


    An updated version of After The Fall is now available to download.


    This is a near Total Conversion of Quake that was originally released by a talented team of developers in 1997.

    I've made a lot of mostly subtle changes to the game in order to improve it, including :
    - Around 200 edits to entities, fixing bugs and improving gameplay.
    - Revisions to the artwork, correcting pixels and replacing more of Quake's leftover assets.

    The readme file lists the changes in a lot more detail and I've drafted up quite a long article that includes some comparison shots :

    Many thanks to Seven for doing some additional programming.

    I hope you enjoy the game!
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    I do understand your interest in such a version but it's not something that I'm going to create. However, I'm fine with somebody else modifying my build.

    Simply renaming the maps to match the originals (not forgetting to change the changelevel triggers) and including the original progs.dat will restore the intermission text.

    Likewise, overwriting "bitch.mdl" with the original will restore the character skin.

    Beyond this, EntEd was used to make most of my changes, and comparing entities between versions will save you a lot of the guess work that took up much of my time.

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  • NightFright
    In general it's great how much effort you put into this. A good idea would be to offer this together with a vanilla-like version which really only fixes the annoying parts and leaves everything untouched.

    Personally I'd appreciate a version that only takes care of the following:

    - Easy skill selection fix on start map (I found out how to solve this by myself via ENT edit)
    - E2M3 sewer exit fix (ideally by restoring the broken lift out of the manhole)
    - Wind tunnel problems in E4M1/E4M2

    - Enemies stuck in ceiling or outside of map grid
    - Secrets not counted as such
    - Fullbright pixels on textures
    - Removal of "Secret found" sound where it's not supposed to occur

    - No content removal (NPCs, hard to reach items etc)
    - No content adding (extra items/enemies/menu graphics etc)
    - No content editing (skins, story, level texts/names etc)

    A version like this would truly preserve the vision of the authors while still improving playability.

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    Thank you for your honest feedback, I really do appreciate it.

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  • NightFright
    I had never read about this TC before, so this is a very pleasant surprise. Without knowing about the original bugs of the game and by just reading the changelog, you have apparently done an outstanding job in preserving and restoring this forgotten addon. Even the maps are VISed for transparent water, something that is often neglected.

    After having played the first five maps, I can say level design is a little rough and gameplay actually rather hard even on easy, but it's still enjoyable. Reminds me of the Malice TC a bit regarding its setting, with futuristic urban maps. Maybe it's missing a custom soundtrack, but otherwise it feels complete.

    Criticism (comparing it to the original TC from 1997):
    - Removing content like pedestrian NPCs is questionable and should be avoided.
    - Changing enemy design/skins should not happen, even if design choices seem unfitting to you.
    - You changed the hospital to a tech center, and you are not after a cure, but a teleporter core. This changes the entire goal of the map, made worse by the fact you removed the episode ending text which should shows when ´leaving the level. I guess it serves your purpose of altering the story to your needs, but for my taste it deviates too much from the original like that.

    It would be great to have a version with just
    - E2M3 sewer exit showstopper fixed
    - E4M1 wind tunnel showstopper fixed and
    - E4M2 wind tunnel entrance/pipe showstoppers fixed

    Anyway, if anybody is interested, I have added colored lights for ATF over at the Quake Wiki (click my third signature link).

    Something seems to be wrong with atfde2m3. When leaving the "Derelict Generator", Mark V crashes to console with this error message:
    Host_Error: ED_LoadFromFile: found í when expecting {
    Similar problems are encountered in atfde4m2 and atfde5m1. Apparently it's an issue with included ENT files ending with an empty line which needs to be removed. Some ports probably tolerate this, but Mark V definitely does not. I have uploaded fixed versions of the affected maps here (1.93 MB).
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  • Seven
    Congratulations for your release DARKHALO2K

    You obviously put a lot of work into it.

    Best wishes,

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  • irukanjji
    Thanks m8

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