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(Inofficial) Shrak v2.1 patch

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    Have any of the guys from func_msg expressed their opinion on that?


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      Not until now. But the source is now available to anybody, there's no excuse for not taking a look if someone wants to.
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        I did my own patch for Shrak v2.0 at the beginning of last year, it fixes missing introductory lines at the beginning of each level as well as missing names of some maps. I will show you my ReadMe.txt a bit later. BTW I didn't decompile progs.dat


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          Here is ReadMe.txt of my patch:


          There were some bugs in Shrak v2.00.

          The "the only sign of civilization the NAV" line of the introductory text
          at start1.bsp map didn't show up on the screen. I edited the progs.dat from Shrak v2.00 with HEX editor.
          In particular I replaced word "towards" with "toward". To be precise, I changed "s" letter in the word "towards"
          to "." symbol (This "." symbol now has a hex code: 0A) and it worked out well.

          I suppose that using word "toward" instead of "towards" is still grammaticaly correct.

          There was also "by sampling and cloning human human DNA" line replaced with
          "by sampling and cloning human DNA" line. The line is shown after completion of "Death Glow" level.

          The "You've been all over this planet and" line (this line was placed in the wrong place and there is no text goes after it)
          was replaced with "You have to find the bastard SHRAK!" line. The line is shown after completion of "Remnants" level.

          Also there was Quake related ending text in the end of the game which is shown after
          the ending text of Shrak when you launch the rocket to fly away from the planet. It was removed by a duplicate
          of Shrak's ending text. So there are two equal Shrak ending texts are shown instead.

          I also corrected in-game name of the map "hob.bsp" from "The Guantlet" to "The Gauntlet".

          Additionally, I changed the word "Guantlet" to "Gauntlet" in couple of in-game messages shown at "The Ship Yard"
          (city.bsp) map.

          From "Do you dare to run the Guantlet?" to "Do you dare to run the Gauntlet?".
          From "The way to the Guantlet is open." to "The way to the Gauntlet is open.".

          Futhermore, I added names to maps which didn't have any names :

          start1.bsp is now called "The Quest begins"
          start.bsp is now called "The Quest begins"
          end1.bsp is now called "Shrak"
          ctf1.bsp is now called "CTF1"

          start.bsp map was missing soundtrack. track02.mp3 or track002.ogg should have been played
          on this map since start1.bsp map had such a music track number. This fix was implemented
          by adding "sounds" "2" string into start.ent file.

          Pak1.pak contains :




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            So, I tested your patch v2.11

            Two things:

            1) There is a considerable delay in weapon switching mechanism. It's unacceptable.
            Have you implemented "time+0.1" into progs.dat of patch v2.11? It needs to be done.

            2) Either you or someone who provided you with the source code broke the initial firing procedure of FriendMaker weapon.

            There must be a cloud of yellow particles when firing this weapon. In your patch it is broken.

            See the screenshots

            Your patch :


            It is supposed to be this way :



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              Version 2.11 uses time+0.5. I noticed the Friendmaker issue but assigned it to QSS. It also has other problems like black laser dot for rocket launcher, white head gibs and wrong skin color for the shotgun.

              I will compare the Friend Maker source of the unaltered file with my own to see if there are any differences. If there is nothing substantial though, I would have no idea how to restore that effect.

              I don't want to get much further into this. Have been working on this for two months now and need to move on. What I don't solve by the end of this week will stay the way it is or must be the task of someone else willing and capable to mess with the code. My goal was to get the show started, not to release several iterations of the same patch. If I had known things go like that, I guess I should have made a public beta...
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                I wished someone would make a proper patch for Shrak v2.0 and you almost fulfilled my dream.

                Set time+0.1 at least in progs.dat. It'a needed there.

                QSS sucks at handling original texture behavior for some objects...

                It spoiled minigun skin with ornage artifact in MALICE total conversion.
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                  Info update:
                  So far I was unable to find where the Friend Maker particle projectile cloud gets lost in the code. As far as I can tell, it just isn't there and would need to be recreated from scratch. Hoping for some Func_Msg guy for that.

                  Otherwise, I applied following changes which will be in the next (and hopefully final) update:
                  - Weapon cycling delay will be minimized (time+0.1 fix)
                  - Mousewheel support for utility vest items (yes, I did it!)
                  - When choosing "New Game", intro text will be shown and music is played (start.bsp behaves like start1.bsp)
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                    That's some pleasant news. I would like to test the test build with 3 changes you implemented.

                    Do the following troubles related to QuakeSpasm only?

                    -black laser dot for rocket launcher
                    -white head gibs
                    -wrong skin color for the shotgun

                    In Mark V everything is fine.

                    If MSG FUNC guys provide their assistance there is a chance that the patch will become real good.


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                      Well, here's my current progs.dat. (Just place it in the Shrak folder, it will override the one from the pak automatically.) It doesn't have the start.bsp fixes, but those don't require testing anyway since they definitely work. Utility vest mousewheel support and weapon switch delay have also been checked by me for a long time and I couldn't find anything wrong with them. Since the delay has been reduced to the absolute minimum (if I had lowered it even just to time+0.09, crashes would have returned already), I don't want to exclude it's still possible to induce crashes. I wasn't able to do it by myself, but if you excessively abuse the mousewheel like a madman, in a way no human being would ever do, it might be enough to push the game over the edge, anyway.

                      As for the utility vest item cycling, it's supposed to work like this:
                      Utility items will be cycled through separately from weapons, i.e. you cannot reach weapons when pressing "1" and then mousewheeling up or down. You will only switch to weapons if you either press a weapon key (2 or higher) or your vest is completely empty. Then, after the counter of your last remaining tool has reached 0, another use of the mousewheel switches to the last weapon you used before. I think this is the best way since it should be avoided to end up with a utility if you cycle through weapons, possibly in panic, and accidentally end up with a useless tool (OK, TNT is a weapon in theory, but you don't want to use it all the time, I guess). Just like it is required to intentionally switch to the vest with a dedicated button, it is necessary to press a button to leave utility mode again. Makes sense to me.

                      And yeah, the other visual issues you have described above are Quakespasm-specific. In fact, Mark V had the issue with unskinned head gibs as well until I reported it to get it fixed for the final release.

                      I was able to bring back the Friend Maker projectile cloud! All by myself, actually. I realized it had to do with EF_BRIGHTFIELD, so I just used good old trial'n'error and replaced it with its value (1) instead, and bam, it just worked. Actually it was due to an error I had introduced by myself by commenting out something in defs.qc. Anyway, if all goes well and nothing explodes during your checks, I will release patch 1.12 on Monday.
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                        So, tested your latest progs.dat

                        1) When you have only blaster (at the beginning of start1 for example) and if you scroll mousewheel forward of backward quite fast (not like a madman actually), there is a crash occurs. See screenshot.


                        2) When you scroll tools forward/backward in utility vest mode, there is a crash.
                        I would recommend to leave a default behavior here because it is inconvenient to press a digit to quit uility vest mode, especially for players who use arrows for movement.
                        You may enter utility vest mode by pressing 1 and flick though tools by pressing 1 again, to quit the mode you must just scroll your mousewheel either forward or backward and to switch to weapons - The default behaviour is better here, definitely.


                        3) The delay regarding weapon switch is much better now, if there is no possibility to lower that - I think we should go along with the one we have (0.1) unless guys from func_msg provide us with better solution.

                        4) Have't you implemented a yellow particles cloud for FriendMaker in the progs.dat you released for testing purposes?
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                          I wasn't able to produce any crash in QSS with utility vest scrolling. I will just remove it again, it was unnecessary to begin with. If only I was able to interpret those error messages. Another idea to try: Just scrolling forward changes items, backwards leaves to last weapon.

                          No idea what I am looking for, really. I see that Walsh added that delay timer in PlayerPostThink for a reason. My suspicion is it's the utility vest in the axe slot. Somehow it's badly coded.

                          Bottom line is: No progress has been made regarding the problem. Next week I have to invest many hours of investigation and trial and error again.

                          And no, the Friend Maker fix is not included. Reserved for final release. For now it's about crash-free weapon switching.
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                            Utility vest is for sure is in the axe slot as it uses impulse 1 as a call command.

                            There is a desperate measure ONLY in case anything else won't work:

                            Utility vest may be added into weapons selection order, what I mean is that you will be able to select any of it's tools by scrolling mouse wheel.

                            It's like, you start with blaster, (if you have already picked up the vest) scrolldown once - you have FLARE, scrolldown once - you have TNT, scrolldown once - you have HARPOON.

                            And scrolling further backwards to HFB, Rocket launcher and so on. Same for forward cycle scroll...

                            Grab Mark V v1.81 or Mark V 1.99 for testing purposes, as a primary engine.


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                              I am done with Mark V, it's outdated. Baker's fault entirely. Using QSS now and not looking back. If the code is buggy, it will crash with any engine, anyway.
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                                I always preferred Mark V over QuakeSpasm anyway. QSS has some ditchy trobules handling old mods improperly like the visual problems you mentioned in Shrak + there is a minigun problem in Malice texture issue .

                                The one and only advantage QSS has over Mark V is in far better performance in Large and Big Maps.