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  • Hey, hi Seven, thank you very much for your time.
    You're totally right I'm using smc 5.50 ! I'll go check for the updates & hd packs you mentioned asap.
    r_drawdecals_drawdistance combined with a few tricks did pretty much the effect I wanted (more blood + rooms stays bloody) while keeping a tolerable framerate. Not perfect tho cause I'm not very good at modding/tweaking... but I wanted to give it a try and I'll stick with this result. I wish someday one of you geniuses that know what they're doing, come out with a brutal quake mod.
    Again, thank you for your time and effort you put into these great works, and sorry for that bad habit of not reading further than installation guide... lazy me


    • Hey Seven, i'm very interested on playing your mod compilation, but is there a minimum system requirement to play this at the lowest settings? Because, i tried playing it with Darkplaces v20140513 (on a pretty old PC with barely 2gb of RAM and an integrated Intel video driver) and while it loads the Start map without an issue (with some +25 fps), when i enter The Slipgate Complex, the game suddenly freezes. Also, i'm trying to play this with the "zz_weaponpack.pk3" and "EpiQuake_SoundPak.pk3" (which are inside the ID1 folder).
      Best regards


      • Hello ab26,

        Thank you for trying the SMC.

        First of all, please read the included readme file to learn more about it.
        The Darkplaces build you are using is very outdated. Please use/download the newer build: Download
        Be also sure you are using the current SMC versions (can be found in 1st post of this thread).

        You will then be able to adjust every single feature of this mod to your personal liking (and in your case to our hardware) via the smc_config.cfg.

        There are 2 SMC features that are very performance hungry:

        You will find them both at the end of the smc_config.cfg file in chapter: Particle effects and model effects
        Set them both to "0" to gain performance.

        Having that said, be aware, that also the Darkplaces engine has very performance hungry features itself.
        You should not enable Realtime lighting !
        Be sure to start Darkplaces and go into the OPTIONS menu.
        Scroll down and select (mark it and press enter):
        Lighting: Normal

        Last thing to mention:
        I do not know what other mods you are using inside your ID1 folder.
        A lot of nasty stuff can be hidden inside these .pk3 files.
        First you should remove them all which did not come with the SMC and make your performance tests.
        Then, once you are satisfied, you can put them back one by one to see what happens.

        I hope you can enjoy your Quake now.

        Have fun,


        • Thank you very much Seven! You're da best!
          Best regards