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  • Syluxguy28O3
    doth the smc die? is this the end? i hope you continue to work on it elsewhere, because i would love to continue to follow it.

    you have helped to keep this old game alive. you are a pillar that has helped to hold it up. you have brought much joy to others with the implementation of so many wonderful ideas. your character is impeccable, and i think you were the nicest person here.

    thank you for your service. i was honestly shocked when i read your post.i understand why you left, you have good reasons. i wish you the best of luck. i hope you can find a place worthy to hang your hat.

    good luck, seven!

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  • Seven
    Dear all,

    Those who know me know that writing this post is really difficult for me.
    I am a humble person who always tries to avoid and does not want to get into problems and want to be good friend with everybody.

    Unfortunately it is now no longer possible to ignore/avoid the situation this forum/community has, as it now also spills over into the smc thread. This is an open forum and everybody can come and go and post as they wish of course, so I cannot complain about it.

    But I now have to make a decision, which is not easy for me.

    As long as a person, who already has driven away even LordHavoc (some of you may know him, he is the author of Darkplaces with whom I have contact) from this forum by insulting his good friend yesterday in a bad way, is tolerated and gets warm welcome-back hugs from many many community members here even though he was banned due to threaten and insulting many people, there is no place for me here any longer.

    Many people in this forum seem to cannot distinguish between good and evil. And even though a moderator already stated very clear, that many people have been the victim of this persons uncontrollable moods, the members of this forum still believe this persons sweet-mouth talk instead believing the moderators and even putting their credibility in question. And even when reading his clear words of threats (even death threads) and insults which he wrote a few days ago, people here still welcome him, are happy that he is back, wish him beeing unbanned and so on.
    That is almost funny and unbelievable at the same time when you think about it. And shows very clearly that this place is no longer a place for me to feel comfortable and warm.

    I should stop writing too much, as there is nothing new to say. I cannot change this community so the only consequence is to leave it then, I am afraid. Knowing, that there are also some people who are happy when I leave, so ...

    In the end I can only say THANK YOU to so many good people here. Who stayed with me over the weeks and months and also years in this forum. Quake is a great game and I hope you keep having fun with it. I will for sure.
    And be nice to Spike, as he *is* Quake (Quote from toneddu2000)

    I really hope that the smc thread is now not becoming another flaming thread about this topic. There are already enough of them in this forum. And there would be really nothing new to say. But you guys have it in your own hands of course.
    I just felt it necessary to tell you why I have to leave. Unfortunately there is no alternative for me.

    Thank you for your understanding.
    Best wishes and all the Best for

    Kind Regards,

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  • Blood Vengeance
    I remember there was a quake mod with tons of weapons and enemies when killed left behind arms, legs etc.... dont remember the name of that mod, only that is late 90's

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  • nahuel
    Originally posted by Pringles Man View Post
    Seven, I found something which I think you should see. There is an excellent new mod that nobody has heard of called "Brutal Quake" which is a twist on brutal doom. I feel like you could really get some nice ideas from it (like the ground shaking from rocket explosions and such)! Here is the link. It is really quite amazing.

    I took a look at the mod, and I noticed something really interesting. There were torches of different colors...and that got me thinking! What if each episode of Quake had a different torch color? Maybe something like green for DotD, white for RoBM, Red for the Netherworld, and orange (default) for the Elder World? Just a suggestion, as I don't know how it would play out. Also, what if Quadra damage impacts were bigger and more pronounced than regular impacts like in the mod?

    As for the Mjolnir changes people are suggesting...YES! As a Hipnotic lover, I feel as though there is much more that should be done with this weapon.

    But I guess you will never be improving the Armagon battle, will you Seven?

    Finally, I am a bit confused as to what the flying dust and particles cvar does. I activated it, but I see no difference anywhere. Can someone help me with this?
    great doom mod, i think than a real "brutal quake" mod would be awesome -i speak about a quake mod, not a doom mod like this "brutal quake"-
    Last edited by nahuel; 06-25-2015, 01:09 PM.

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  • JH24
    Originally posted by Seven View Post
    Hello JH24,

    You do not need to modify the gamecode if you do not want to or feel uncomfortable with it. Simply create the additional blocks (add them into a .txt file if you want) and I will put them in later. You already save me much time by doing so. Do not worry about the qc files themselves. All the new functions that you are calling now (like monster_demon_start()) does not exist yet and I have to create them anyhow.
    Thanks, Seven. I'll start working on the blocks.

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