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Lets see your modded Quake!

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  • Lets see your modded Quake!

    Well I put this in finished releases are they are mods that are finished but are unreleased.
    I have a few models that I use but sadly cannot release publically due to them being copyrighted or authors only want them used in their mod (ala WireHead Studios - Generations Mod, Content from Quake 2-4, Doom 3 ect ect ect).

    Updated H_Mega (Enforcer head gib)

    All the models can be found right in here. My Shambler is found in the post called "WTF! It's a Shambler" and some of the last posts I posted my reskin.

    Enforcer - will NOT be released due to copyrighted material (Doom 3) and contains content from WireHead Studios (Tabun) of which do not want their content released outside of their mod.

    I took Tabun's model and merged it with Bernie (Chainsaw Zombie) from Doom 3 and the results were pretty satisfying.
    I made the headgib and own texture.
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    Bloody fantastic!!!!!
    Check out my awesome Deviant art page!
    Quake fanart (obviously included)!


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      my quake isn't modded heh..
      Quake One Resurrection
      Great Quake engine

      Qrack 1.60.1 Ubuntu Guide
      Get Qrack 1.60.1 running in Ubuntu!


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        I am waiting to see your posts. In, I have followed many posts. One should not repost other copyrighted posts.


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          Hi LHB,
          would love to see some new screenshots from your unreleased stuff.


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            I wonder if LHB is still around (and if he remembers me)
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              Extremely waiting for an amazing update. Anyone?

              Chris |
              concrete contractors


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                This is my monster retexturing W.I.P


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                  ToonQuake If you use Darkplaces engine and thought it would be better if it looked like a cartoon. Give this a try! it