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    Only one weapon is black.

    Originally posted by talisa View Post
    since nightfright pointed out in a thread of mine that the plague weapons ++ link is down,
    i thought i would be so kinda to upload them and provide a mirror for them

    always keep everything i find stored on my HD even if i dun use it or dun like it after all, for in cases like this

    Using ezquake 2.2. I can't see the sg (is black) but I can see all the rest. What I must do?



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      Hello Mundell,

      The texture replacement rules are different for ezquake compared to darkplaces.
      The download from kingennio only includes files for darkplaces (and some other engines with identical naming convention). ezquake needs the texture files with a different naming and in different subfolders.

      The reason why you can see all other weapon models (except shotgun) is, that they include a texture inside the .mdl model itself. The shotgun only has a black texture. So you only use the models at the moment and not the 24-bit replacement textures.

      I converted all files (texture names and subfolders) to be usable with ezquake.

      ezquake supports .pk3 files, so you can/should put this pk3 inside your id1 subfolder.

      Best wishes,


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        Thank you Seven, works with converted pack. One question, is there any software that I can use and change a variety of gfx without having to manually create and insert the files within folders? wad, map textures, playerskins for example
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          Ouch, you got me again. My english doesnt allow me to fully underdstand your question...

          As far as I understand you want to open a file (lets call it pak0.pak) and edit its content and save it back without necessity to create any additional subfolders ?

          If this is what you want to do (as all the Quake assets are inside .pak files. A little like .wads for doom was), then please do not do it.
          Changing your original .pak files is not what you *want* to do.
          Creating copies of them, putting them into a subfolder (parallel to id1) is most probably what you want to do, as this leaves the original game alone and creates a so called "mod" which you can start with the -game command.

          Handling .pak files has its limits as 2nd tier software will have to open the included files directly out of the .pak files. The better way is to extract them first, alter them and put them back into the .pak or .pk3 file (ezquake supports them).

          But you have to keep the original subfolder system (at least most of them). And depending on the targeted engine, you have to follow their individual replacements rules (aka naming extensions and subfolder names).

          Other than that, you can use any texture editor, model editor or whatever you want to create modifications of original files. Just be sure your targeted engine supports the format and it should work.

          Using *real* replacements has of course big advantages: You can use 24-bit textures and are noit limited to the original 8bit colors in models or wads.
          If you do not need 24-bit textures, then you are good to go with modified original files. That keeps the vanilla Quake feeling. Be sure to use the Quake palette in that case.

          I hope that was the answer you wanted to hear.
          If not I misunderstood you and maybe others can help better than me.

          Best regards.


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            Is there any way to get the item models? RapidShare appears not to work any more At least not for me, at any rate.
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              the link in my sig should have what you are looking for.
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                Anyone know what model editor can view these models? QME doesnt support them.
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                  ruohis models arent actually mdl models, they're actually md3 models

                  noesis can open them, or any model editor that lets you open md3:
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