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Shambler Castle - Vore, Scrag, Fiend + Gibs (Version 2) + Axe Added

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  • Shambler Castle - Vore, Scrag, Fiend + Gibs (Version 2) + Axe Added

    Thanks to webangel for the screenshots.
    More shots: Here by Webangel - snap shots in his post #4 of this topic.

    This was a complete overhaul of the previous pack. Updated skins with the help of Seven and a very special thanks goes out to My-Key for fixing the normal maps.

    This pack now includes matching gibs for each of the 3 models.

    The models are not made by me. They are rather ported and modified. The animations are scaled down versions of the original - then tweaked to be smoothed out. The death animations are 100% myself as the original models did not have one due to DooM 3 using ragdolls.

    ***Download Here***

    ADDED Axe (UPDATED - May 1, 2011 - 6:50pm Central):

    ***Download Here***

    If you want the weapons featured in Shambler's Castle:
    The models were from Plagues pack. I fixed the muzzle flashes for Darkplaces and reuploaded.

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    did you just delete a thread (containing many pages) ??
    I think this is not a good thing to do.
    Many people posted in that thread and gave valuable tips/comments.
    All their input is gone... thats sad.


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      Ooppee, don't delete threads unless it started by a spammer.
      If a thread must be "deleted" and it was not started by a spammer --- don't delete it but rather relocate it to the hidden forum "Infraction discussion".

      We don't delete posts or threads here [aside from spam].

      What's done is done, everyone makes mistakes and even though it is unfortunate that it appears that 3 threads have been removed and hence the commentors posts lost.

      But worse things have happened like one time when Solecord had to revert the site to a week old backup and we lost maybe 300-600 posts once. - Being exactly one-half good and one-half evil has advantages. When a portal opens to the antimatter universe, my opposite is just me with a goatee.

      So while you guys all have to fight your anti-matter counterparts, me and my evil twin will be drinking a beer laughing at you guys ...


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        Some Ingame Screenshots

        Great work!

        ImageShack Album - 14 images


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          Thanks for the shots webangel - first post with them edited in and linked to the album for the unused shots.
          @Baker - will remember that. Sorry on the mix-up. Threads were mine so figured it would of been "ok".


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            what about the shambler model?

            or how about some of the weapons?

            i just ported this v_axe last night.
            [ame=]YouTube - shamblers castle axe.avi[/ame]


            this gif i made in like one minute with only 8 screens just to show the nice wizard.

            this shalrath is nice with good animations and his spike model is sick

            try this out for real.

            oh well the port didnt take long it was the animation that took about 20 minutes because the first frame kept moving around on me

            i hope you port the shambler because he looks good.

            also ooppee about the mod sound files? are you planning on adding the monster wavs?

            i was just checking the wizard and he has ten sounds.
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              You didn't need to port the weapons lol
              They are the weapons from Plagues pack.


              Axe was also based off another model for Quake 1 and was skinned by Primevil

              As for the Shamblers
              I didn't do as there are some already amazing Shambers out there. However me doing the Shamblers is a possibility but will be done as a "addon pk3" and will have both the Shambler and the Boss Shambler - you just pick which you want to install.


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                Legally doing a full soundpack is not possible.
                The Scrag (Wizard) is the ONLY monster that has custom sounds. The only part I can do is make a Wizard soundpack (done) and then have the "Sight" sounds from the mod for the Demon and Vore. As their other sounds are used from DooM 3 enemies:
                "snd_footstep" "monster_demon_revenant_footstep"
                "snd_attackmelee_1" "monster_demon_revenant_attackmelee"
                "snd_sight" "monster_qvore_sight1"
                "snd_sight2" "monster_qvore_sight1"
                "snd_chatter" "monster_demon_revenant_chatter"
                "snd_chatter_combat" "monster_demon_revenant_chatter_combat"
                "snd_pain" "monster_demon_revenant_pain"
                "snd_attackmissile" "monster_demon_imp_fireball_create"
                "snd_death" "monster_boss_vagary_death"
                "snd_burn" "monster_demon_archvile_burn"

                "snd_attack_1" "monster_demon_pinky_attackmelee_1"
                "snd_attack_2" "monster_demon_wraith_pain"
                "snd_evade_right" "monster_demon_maggot_evade_right"
                "snd_evade_left" "monster_demon_maggot_evade_left"
                "snd_chatter" "monster_demon_pinky_chatter"
                "snd_chatter_combat" "monster_demon_wraith_chatter_combat"
                "snd_sight" "monster_qdemon_sight1"
                "snd_footstep" "monster_demon_imp_footstep"
                "snd_melee" "monster_demon_pinky_attackmelee_1"
                "snd_melee2" "monster_demon_pinky_attackmelee_4"
                "snd_pain" "monster_demon_pinky_pain"
                "snd_death" "monster_demon_pinky_die"
                "snd_burn" "monster_demon_tick_burn"
                "snd_breath" "monster_demon_pinky_breath"
                "snd_idle" "monster_demon_pinky_idle"

                So a soundpack idea is a no-go. However for those who own DooM 3:
                Those sounds listed above are located in that file. So using the above info you could easily create a Shamblers Castle soundpack.


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                  Can't find the axe anywhere - maybe I do stand corrected and they are infact different models (just look very similar). Love your port thus far, just the positioning needs to be fixed - or are you playing in a higher FOV?


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                    yeah ive been looking for a good axe replacment...i was going to use the katana from reactionquake3 and the doom players arms...however your shadow shows you holding an axe though so i was thinking i need a good axe.

                    im still going to work on the skin...with the dents in the blades and a nice handle i think this model looks pretty tight.

                    i know the position is different on my port...its set more forward thats just they way i like it...i did rotate the blade more sidways, so you can see it.

                    i also scaled the blade a little taller because it seemed a little bit narrow.




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                      I did a more "faithful" position and animation set. However just simply porting the textures - looks bad. Care to share your (edited) textures?


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                        Nvm about your texture edit. Fixed what was causing it.
                        Axe has a download in the first post - as a "addon"


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                          The axe is awesome, but it has a problem with one of the animations being off the screen. See the screenshot to see what I mean.


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                            Hmm never noticed it, what fov is that at?


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                              Originally posted by OoPpEe View Post
                              Hmm never noticed it, what fov is that at?
                              Fov=90, the default.