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    Cool. Thank you!!!


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      Originally posted by Roy Batty View Post
      I don't have any skills to make the great textures and models the rest of you do... but I have some skills in other areas, hence I made these high quality music packs for Quake, SoA, DoE and Malice.

      All the music is taken from my original CD's and was ripped using EAC with secure offset correction (including the disc's write offset) and compressed in highest quality ogg VBR.

      I wasn't happy with the quality of the previously available packs, so I made these to share with the community, I hope you enjoy them.

      I make them into pk3 files and tested them all, just drop them into the respective folders (ID1, ROGUE, HIPNOTIC, MALICE) and enjoy. =]


      Scourge of Armagon

      Dissolution of Eternity

      Need a wav-files (Quake only)
      Sorry for my bad english


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        Well then use an ogg->wav converter to do so or buy an copy of quake on ebay for a few bucks.


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          Originally posted by schlichte View Post
          There are no official titles according to this, which I think might be the most reliable resource about the Quake 1 soundtrack: Quake Soundtrack - NinWiki

          Also, thank you for these high quality music packs!
          American McGee sheds some light on the sound creation in this interview:
          American McGee on Quake -

          John Romero and you created many of the sounds. Was that mostly finding and cutting bits from the sound ideas library or did you also create sounds yourself? ("American was responsible for handling Quake's sound.")

          Sound creation was done by a mix of finding existing snippets (sound libraries) and recording original source (foley). The sound of the grenade exploding underwater was a mix of watery sound (library) and a fire cracker exploding in a long pipe on the roof of the building id was in (foley).

          The famous Wired article The Egos at id mentions you working on *certain* ogre sounds, wild fantasy of the author or did you really do something like that?

          A lot of my time was spent on sound creation - something I really enjoyed. Lost track of which sounds I created, but I know my library and foley collection got to be pretty huge. Also recall being told to "focus on level design" more than a few times - though it was never clear who else was going to get sounds in the game if I wasn't handling a big part of it.

          If you created it: What on earth is the final Ogre idle sound supposed to be? It sure sounds cool but what is it, his tummy rumbling?

          Hard to say

          Trent Reznor always gets all the credit for the Quake OST, but according to an interview with Chris Vrenna it was the whole NIN who worked on it. Can you tell us something about that, after all you got Vrenna for the Alice score later on.

          Music and sound were coming in from all the NiN guys - it was a group effort. Chris Vrenna and I got to know each other during that time, which is how he ended up working on "Alice".

          Did they play the work-in-progress Quake for inspiration or how did they know what kind of atmosphere to create?

          They did have access to early builds of the game and would comment on them. One function of my job with "sound" in general was to visit New Orleans (where the NiN studio was at that time), deliver a build of the game and spend time working with Trent and the guys on music and sound (they created, I commented).

          How were the tracks matched to the maps?

          They knew the maps from those early builds - they could see the style of the art and architecture as it was coming together. Don't recall any attempt to "match" music to levels while either were being built - I think tracks got linked to levels pretty late in the development process, after both were basically done.

          What philosophy did you follow with the sound design?

          I think I was too young to have a "philosophy" with sound, though the game certainly demanded "big" sounds. Trent and the NiN guys brought a lot of cool tech and amazing talent to bear on the creation of the raw sound files. Sometimes they'd deliver a final sound which we could just drop into the game - but often I'd need to take bits of sound they'd done and edit them to create a final sound we could use in the game.


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            Originally posted by grave_digga View Post
            Well then use an ogg->wav converter to do so or buy an copy of quake on ebay for a few bucks.
            I have a disk image "quake.nrg"
            I don't know how to pull it out of music.

            (I don't know because I haven't come across before this)

            When converting ogg to wav is the loss of sound quality.

            (I know what I say because I'm living
            with the processing of music long time)

            need the original (from disc image rip to wav files) please

            (or tell me how made ​​this rip)

            (sorry for my bad english)
            Sorry for my bad english


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              Then simply burn the .nrg (with Nero) to a CD-R and you'll be done. Put the CD into your CD Drive before playing...


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                Originally posted by grave_digga View Post
                Then simply burn the .nrg (with Nero) to a CD-R and you'll be done. Put the CD into your CD Drive before playing...

                I asked : how I can get music from a disk image!
                (multitracker image)
                Through what program do I do
                Understand me?
                Sorry for my bad english


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                  As a Windows user -> Click. Best program out there...


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                    Yep, I use EAC myself. But to get the tracks perfect, you need to know a bit about how CD's are mastered, and also how to determine the write offset (only applicable to mixed mode cd's). Don't use downloaded images, that is piracy. Quake can be bought used for under $10 usd. I own several different versions myself from the shareware release through 1.09... also tracks on CD are NOT .wav, they are .pcm (headerless 44.1khz 16 bit stereo).
                    Regular One Man Slaughterhouse


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                      Malice link is dead?
                      If you see 427 playing Quake thats me.


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                        Originally posted by grave_digga View Post
                        As a Windows user -> Click. Best program out there...
                        Sorry for my bad english


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                          According to the NIN wiki: Quake Soundtrack - NinWiki

                          the music files in the ID1 pk3 file are playing in the wrong order.

                          The main theme plays in the main menu properly. Then track one isn't played and instead track two is played during level selection. Then track five for E1m1, then track 7 for e1m2. I haven't tried past that. Although track one does play during post level completion.

                          Is it doing that for everybody or just me?

                          I installed the ID1 pk3 file and dropped it in my ID1 directory in my Darkplaces folder.

                          I'm using the high Epsilon build.


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                            Sigh, so apparently I fail hard and can't read.

                            Plz disregard my above post.


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                              THANK YOU! I HAVE WANTED QUAKE ! MUSIC SINCE FOREVER! i have the steam version and it doesnt come with music so yeah!



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                                Malice link is down
                                MOD it! Start Point Remake Quake Scout's Journey Quaketastic WhiteDay Quake Terminus UQE