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QRP SoA normal map textures released!

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    this must have taken some time My-Key...nice work.




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      qrp normal maps

      Hi, I'm an fng here...i was wondering y the "r_glsl_offsetmapping_reliefmapping" cvar doesnt work for me? there seems to be no visual difference when i hav "r_glsl_offsetmapping 1" and "r_glsl_offsetmapping_reliefmapping 1". Could sum1 pls show me screenies if there is any visual diff.?


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        Hello aj1992,

        First of all you should check if you have a visual difference between:
        "r_glsl_offsetmapping 0" and "r_glsl_offsetmapping 1".

        If no, then you use a DP build with disabled offsetmapping.
        DP builds between 8th april 2011 and 29th june 2011 have NO offsetmapping !
        Yes, this includes the "stable" one from 28th june 2011.
        If yes, then reliefmapping should work too.

        Always remember, the big visual difference is when setting standard offsetmapping to "1".
        Setting the extremely fps hungry reliefmapping to "1" is less noticable.

        It doesnt hurt of course, when you start with a new config.cfg.
        Also keep an eye on your "r_glsl_offsetmapping_scale" value.
        If it is too small you will not see any effect. Default is 0.04


        PS: Here you see comparism screenshots with and without offstmapping.


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          I think the best setting for "r_glsl_offsetmapping_scale" is 0.05, this value is recommended by many players.
          Reliefmapping is impressive, but for me, it cuts framerate down by 50% or more, and I got a pretty powerful rig (Intel Core i7/920, 3GB RAM, nvidia GF GTX 560 Ti with 1GB RAM). I really can't recommend it for usual gameplay, maybe for some showcase screenshots. It is impressive, but right now no system can maintain acceptable FPS throughout the whole game, I think. And custom maps are more or less completely unplayable with this effect in many cases due to their advanced architecture.
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            For me value higher than 0.03 makes effect too exaggerated and create really visible texture stretches. It is so easy to adjust that everyone can experiment with values and set it as he see fit. No point in suggesting “best” value.
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              hi again,

              thx, Seven for the tremedous help. Although its working now, I hav a new problem. Some other mods i hav arent working. some examples are the liquids (dpwater0.4-DIRTY-with_new_shader_modified_water_textures-Seven), the portal (Seven+Inkub0_Teleport-nocolor-starry-V1.2) and the fire effects are static (effectinfo.txt). The info im givin may not be enough as im a lil weak in the whole moddin thing but i hope sum1 can help me out.thx.
              p.s.: how do take screenies for dp? thx


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                First, what release version of Darkplaces are you using? I've found the hard way that can make a big difference!
                An easy way for novices to take screenshots is to hit your print scrn button during play and then exit the game and paste it into paint and save it as a jpg. Then you can have a pic with a size you can post.


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                  Dont worry bout me guys, I decided to update my current mods to later versions n now all is well for me.


                  I've also realized dat f12 is for screenshots after analysing my config.cfg but thx for ur reply.

                  Also, do any of u hav a rig powerful enough to play quake smoothly(45-60fps) with reliefmapping on? coz my rig(i5-2500k, 4gb ram, gtx 460) cant handle reliefmapping with steady fps.

                  and how do i fix the particle flame in this pic im providing?
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                    nope, i got a core i7 3.2GHZ and 12gb ram and a gtx460 and neither i get a good fps with reliefmapping on. current hardware is just not powerfull enough to be able to give a good fps with AND offsetmapping AND reliefmapping on

                    you must understand that its an extremely heavy future which no other game has, and its so extremely heavy cuz it adds both offsetmapping and reliefmapping on top of each other, and it makes the gpu do 10times as much work per pixel as without.

                    and quake performance is not based on your the power of your entire rig, quake is entirely GPU-dependant since it only uses the GPU and not the CPU for rendering.
                    copying over a part of an email from lordhavoc in an email-reply to me about it:
                    > and.... i wanted to request if it would be possible to implent multi-core support.
                    > i got a quadcore myself and now 3 out of 4 cores just dont get used at all with darkplaces,
                    > and im sure it would give a huge performance-gain if darkplaces if it would support multi-core rendering,
                    > so that people who have a dual- or quad-core benefit from having multiple cores with darkplaces^^

                    Actually darkplaces is normally GPU-bound, so the CPU would be idle anyway.

                    On high-end video cards you are correct however that it could be faster with multithreading, I just haven't gotten around to it, there's a lot of work to be done on that.
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                      Originally posted by aj1992 View Post
                      and how do i fix the particle flame in this pic im providing?
                      Hello aj1992,

                      Your screenshot is very dark. I cannot see as much as I need to answer your question.
                      I would like to tell you my ideas about what I see on the screen:
                      - The "torch" seems to be completely missing (beneath the flame)
                      - The flame seems to use a wrong texture (font)

                      So you seem to miss some files in your Quake.
                      If you use the "small mod compilation", make sure to read and understand its readme.txt.
                      If there is no readme.txt included, you downloaded/use an unsupported version.


                      PS: Sorry, I just didnt have another screen in my hand to post (please ignore the rest of the screen) to show you the regular flame+torch


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                        Hey Seven,

                        Regardin ur small mod compilation, I was prev. using version 2.7 of it b4 updatin to v3.1 to fix the static flame problem. I went thru ur readme first and foremost but i didnt check ur pk3 at first and i didnt know dat u had already provided particlefont and effectinfo. Now i have it all fixed and gotta say dat ur small mod compilation really adds some new layers to the Quake experience. All the subtleties like footsteps, weather, muzzleflashes, enemy projectiles and shitton more make Quake a feel new yet similar to vanilla Quake.THX.

                        To all the modders out there, dont stop makin these awesome stuff. The way I see it, u guys could best AAA devs out there if u had the time and resources.


                        thx for the feedback n for educating me on the capabilities of darkplaces. Hopefully in time darkplaces will be able to support multi-core and even further optimization. BTW, awesome rule 63'd hell knight. I wonder wat do u call them? Hell Knightess? lol.
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                          Newbie here. Can someone explain what a normal map is? I downloaded the normal texture pack and the other one but I'm not sure which one I should use.


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                            a normal-map will add fake 'depth' to textures to make them appear more 3D-ish

                            are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                            > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                            everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread